Spanish mobility company wants to offset its carbon footprint in Peru with blockchain technology

Urban mobility multinational Cabify will be the first Spanish company to offset 100 percent of its CO2 emissions in Peru, as can be seen on the company’s blog.

Thanks to its mobile application and hand in hand with Climate Trade, Cabify will be the first climate-neutral mobility app in the Latin American country.

The registration of the carbon emissions that result from each trip is done via the Climate Trade BlockchainThis enables the tracking of the specific footprint that both users and companies who travel with the platform have left.

Spanish mobility company wants to offset its carbon footprint in Peru with blockchain technology
Spanish mobility company wants to offset its carbon footprint in Peru with blockchain technology

In this way, the emitted footprint is known in real time, so that the startup Cabify transparently promotes the acquisition of climate-neutral services.

The initiative of the Spanish company will make it possible to expand its ecological claims in the Latin America region, which it has even carried out in Peru itself in the more recent past, when It publicly supported the First Climate certified project to reduce deforestation caused by illegal logging in Madre de Dios province.

The project in question is located in the Amboró de Vilcabamba Conservation Corridor in the Peruvian Amazon with an area of ​​10,000 hectares. The aim is to reduce carbon emissions by controlling unplanned deforestation, which will help preserve the biodiversity of the area.

“”We support the project by giving out a volume of carbon credits that corresponds to the carbon footprint of our company. Cabify’s commitment has a significant impact on local forest conservation activities and prevents around 5.3 million trees from being felled. This corresponds to an area of ​​around 1,800 hectares of native rainforest that has been saved from deforestation. ” David Pérez, Cabify’s CSR director, pointed to local media at the time.

Cabify’s commitment in Peru to tracking the carbon footprint of its users through the mobile application is an experience the company has applied in Spain since 2018. Thanks to its alliance with the fintech blockchain expert Climate Trade, it can be certified as one of the environmentally conscious unicorns.

In 2016, traffic accounted for a quarter of total emissions worldwide. 71% higher than 1990 according to the German Tourist Association.

“The complex times that we are currently going through are not slowing down the pace, but are motivating more than ever to make a decisive commitment to mobility and sustainable city models We have to move forward to achieve change. At Cabify Peru we are more than committed to stopping the climate crisis. “Jorge Romero, Country Manager for Cabify Peru, told Zoom Empresarial.

Cabify’s announcement in the region complements the news about compliance with The Climate Pledge discussed in various media today. With this partnership, jointly founded by Amazon and Global Optimism, Cabify joins the CO2 neutrality initiative, which was established before 2040 as part of the Web Summit 2020 as part of the Paris Agreement.

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