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Spain warns that it will act against Italy before the EU for its rejection of the landing of the Open Arms

August 19, 2019

Remember the distribution agreement reached and that Spain is currently receiving a greater flow of immigrants than Italy


The Government has warned this Sunday that it will act against Italy before the EU and other institutions before the refusal of the Italian authorities to authorize the landing of shipwrecked rescued by the Spanish ship Open Arms, which is located off the coast of the island from Lampedusa. The immigrants on board, 107, were rescued 17 days ago and the situation is “unsustainable” according to the ship's captain.

“The Spanish Government will also consider the possibility of acting before the European Union or before the institutions that guarantee human rights and international maritime law, against the attitude maintained by the Italian Government regarding the landing of emigrants aboard the 'Open Arms '”, warns in a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

Spain warns that it will act against Italy before the EU for its rejection of the landing of the Open ArmsSpain warns that it will act against Italy before the EU for its rejection of the landing of the Open Arms

Specifically, Spain denounces the “repeated refusal of the Italian Interior Minister,” Matteo Salvini, to authorize the landing of emigrants despite the “critical situation” reported by the ship's captain and that “may lead to him not being able to keep your authority on board. ”

“Given this situation, the Spanish Government, after the contacts held in the last hours with the Italian government through the respective Foreign Ministers without obtaining any guarantee that such a landing could occur, makes a public call to all authorities Italian governments to authorize said landing, “says the text.

“If within the period required by the seriousness of the situation reported by the captain of the 'Open Arms', no Italian governmental or judicial authority authorizes or orders that such a landing take place, the Spanish government will take the appropriate measures to put an end to this situation “points.

The solution, he explains, is that immigrants “can disembark in a safe harbor from which to proceed to the agreed distribution between countries that publicly made public their willingness to do so”.

Therefore, the president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez, has ordered this Sunday to enable the port of Algeciras to receive the Open Arms ship.

The president has made this decision for “the emergency situation on board”, after two weeks of navigation and before “the inconceivable response” of the Italian authorities, and in particular his Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, to close All its ports.

Finally, Foreign stressed that “the Italian Government can be sure that, as soon as the landing takes place, there will be the distribution of all migrants aboard the Open Arms among the countries that have agreed.”

“Spain will assume its share under that agreement, although it is currently receiving a flow of emigrants through the Western Mediterranean greater than Italy,” the statement said.