Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Portugal and Luxembourg offer to welcome migrants from the ‘Open Arms’

Conte accuses Salvini of misrepresenting his proposals on immigration matters and recriminates his “nth” disloyalty

The governments of Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg and Romania have contacted the Italian authorities to be “willing” to welcome migrants and refugees traveling aboard the 'Open Arms' once they have landed in port, according to the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who has recriminated Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, his “nth” political disloyalty.

Conte has published an open letter to Salvini in which he defends that his intention has always been to protect minors traveling aboard the 'Open Arms', anchored already in front of the Italian island of Lampedusa with 147 migrants on board. The prime minister explained that this was transferred to the head of the Interior on Wednesday.

Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Portugal and Luxembourg offer to welcome migrants from the ‘Open Arms’
Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Portugal and Luxembourg offer to welcome migrants from the ‘Open Arms’

“To my surprise, you summarized this position and attributed to me, in general terms, the willingness to disembark the migrants on board,” added Conte. The prime minister has assumed that this misrepresentation is part of Salvini's “obsessive” interest in reducing a complex issue to the motto of “closed ports” and “constantly” increasing the intention to vote.

“But speaking as Minister of the Interior and altering a clear position of his prime minister, black on white, is a different matter. It is a clear example of unfair collaboration, the nth to tell the truth, and I cannot accept it,” he stressed the head of government in your Facebook account.

Conte has defended its efforts in a “complex” issue and its struggle within the European Union to reach common positions to apply for example a distribution mechanism that speeds up the redistribution of migrants in cases such as the 'Open Arms'. Pending this mechanism, Conte says that he has always been “personally” involved in contacts with other governments.

“France, Germany, Romania, Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg have just informed me that they are willing to redistribute migrants. Once again, my European counterparts reach out,” the Prime Minister announced in his message, in which he has He said he is willing to work “until the last day” to remain in office.

The Spanish Government had previously confirmed that it is working with the European Commission and other EU countries to achieve a “common, European, orderly and supportive” solution to the situation of the ship, according to sources from the Executive.

The Government is confident that this solution can be reached and for this reason it has already transferred to the European Commission, the Italian Government and the countries involved in this operation that Spain “is willing to participate in a balanced distribution of migrants housed in the ship.”

In his opinion, the migration challenge must be faced by the European Union through collaboration mechanisms in which the member countries participate, understanding that “it is not an exclusive problem of the coastal states”, but that “it concerns the whole and that, by therefore, it has to be faced together. ”


For Conte, “it is time to insist on an increasingly European solution” to the migration issue, otherwise “Italy will be completely isolated” and in an “increasingly unmanageable” situation. In this regard, he pointed out that to protect the “national interests” wielded by Salvini, it is not enough to adopt “positions of absolute intransigence”.

The decision of the League to present a motion of censure against Conte has left the government in the tight rope, something that is also noted in the tone of a letter in which the prime minister marks distances with who has been his most controversial partner during this last year.

“Your political enthusiasm and anxiety to communicate have led to 'institutional gaps' that, at times, have become 'institutional tears',” said Conte, who has revealed that “several times” he interceded “privately” to to stop Salvini's statements and encourage “sincere cooperation.”

In his farewell, Conte has warned Salvini that it is not enough to achieve in a personal capacity “the confidence of the voters”, but that it is also necessary to maintain the “trust of citizens in public institutions”, since otherwise “a short circuit” is generated that leads to “rabies and disinfection” by the population.

“We must all work to give full dignity to the institutions we represent, as a sign of loyal cooperation. You have a long political career ahead. Many associate it with power. I associate it with enormous responsibility,” he said.

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