SpaceX astronauts successfully complete the historic mission

Astronauts aboard the SpaceX dragon capsule Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley landed in the Gulf of Mexico, United States.

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SpaceX astronauts successfully complete the historic mission
SpaceX astronauts successfully complete the historic mission

This Sunday, August 2nd, both astronauts, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley They came back to Earth Crew Dragon. It is the first time since the mission of a United States spacecraft sank into the water Apollo Soyuz 1975. “It is really our honor and privilege,” says the ship’s pilot.

The spacecraft could be seen landing while parachuting over the Gulf of Mexico with no problems after it had flown and accessed Earth’s atmosphere. Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley left that International Space Station (ISS) and they had a 19 hour journey to get to Earth.

“Welcome to Earth and thank you for flying SpaceX,” the flight director announced to the astronauts, who responded immediately. The Crew Dragon Endeavor capsule landed successfully and undamaged at 18:48 GMT off Southeast Florida.

Astronauts must undergo medical examinations before they reach Earth. The ship was also recovered from the “GO Navigator” in the Atlantic. The capsule was pulled from a ship after it came into contact with the sea.

The United States shows once again that its space missions have been successful.

“Thank you all! It’s great that NASA astronauts are returning to Earth after a very successful two-month mission,” President Donald Trump tweeted, recalling that he was present at the launch of the capsule two months ago.

This mission was supported by the private company Elon Musk, which was exposed to the risks of the tropical storm lsaĆ­as, which forced the change of the original landing site.

The mission is a great triumph for SpaceX, which was founded in 2002, but has already developed far in the commercial space race and even surpasses its main competitor Boeing.

Photo: NASA on YouTube.

The United States has paid approximately $ 7 billion to the two companies for their space taxi contracts, although it failed miserably in the Boeing case.

Atmospheric reentry

The crew dragon followed certain procedures to return safely. At 17:51 GMT, the charge structure was withdrawn, which contains energy, heat and systems that return to the Earth’s atmosphere and are destroyed. At 18:32 GMT, it entered the atmosphere at a speed of approximately 28,000 km / h.

The ship had a heat shield with a temperature of 1,900 degrees Celsius, which led to a communication failure for only a few minutes. He then opened two parachutes on his descent and slowed down to 24 km / h when he hit the water.

On the outside of the ship, both astronauts were taken to a recovery room for medical examination before they touched the earth.

The SpaceX Crew Dragon left the International Space Station on Saturday evening. NASA imagery shows how the capsule moves away from the ISS at low speed in the darkness of space, which completes the stay of both astronauts.

Behken said during a ceremony, “The hardest thing was to throw us. But the most important thing is to take us home.”

This was just the beginning as future missions are planned. The “Endeavor” will return to Dragon SpaceX headquarters, where it will be inspected for a month and a half. A data and performance analysis is carried out there to confirm that the spacecraft can be part of future missions in near-Earth orbit.

With the triumphant return, SpaceX will be able to offer regular and effective flights to the ISS from the end of the year and will no longer be dependent on Russia to gain access to space. For the past 9 years, only Russian Soyuz rocket travels have been carried out with an estimated $ 80 million per site.

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