Sp8de, Future Onlie Gambling

What is SP8DE ?

Sp8de is a protocol for blockchain-based platform with multiple features that are essential for the growing blockchain gambling industry and whose solid implementation is lacking in any of the currently existing projects in this space.

Additionally, Sp8de is the new-generation blockchain-based gaming platform aimed at all the participants of contemporary casino ecosystem. The company call it “new generation” as Spade satisfies all the aforementioned conditions of a ‘proper’ blockchain casino.

Sp8de, Future Onlie Gambling
Sp8de, Future Onlie Gambling

How Sp8de provides an environment for the design of gambling applications which are characterized with:

Close-to-absent transaction fees and Proof-of-Stake powered scalability that is beyond the reach of any other on-chain casino protocol currently in existence;

A mechanism to generate decentralized established uniform randomness at arbitrary time-spans;

Provides rich Smart Contract functionality that allows for creativity in game design that is bounded solely by the fantasy of the developer (and the demand for the resulting product of course);

Token Utility

Software license

Getting access to the universe of applications just requires you to own the native token of our system, SPX.

Gaming Chip

Betting within Sp8de ecosystem is done only using SPX. By owning SPX, you share a part in protocol’s success.


SPX is used to reward the developers fairly on the protocol level.

Token Distribution

There are 8,888,888,888 SPX tokens to ever be supplied. Initially, during the ICO, SPX will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 tokens. More detailed information can be found in the whitepaper and the SPX ICO description. The token sale is organized in 9 phases: one pre-sale and four token sales that are each followed by a jackpot round.

As shown before the price of one SPX coin increases with every sale round. The number of tokens sold and jackpotted is larger every subsequent round for the exception of the pre-sale. Every jackpot is played among all of the existing token holders.

Earlier participation allows for participation in more jackpot rounds. For example, taking part in the Pre-Sale and the first Sale gives access to all four jackpots. However, participation in, let’s say the third Sale will grant access only to Jackpots three and four.

Please, make sure to understand the mechanics of the Spade ICO process prior to taking part in it. Do not rely solely on the graph and be sure to understand the meaning of all the components of it and especially the highlighted segments of the jackpot bars.



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