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South Korean prosecutors freeze the purse of the alleged head of a child pornography network

June 3, 2020

On June 2, a South Korean court ordered the freezing of all cryptocurrency wallets, security deposits, and stock accounts belonging to Cho Ju-bin, the suspect, as head of Nth Room. Nth Room is a telegram channel being studied for the spread of child pornography.

According to KBS Korea, the 30th Seoul Central District Criminal Police Department, headed by Judge Lee Hyun-woo, accepted the South Korean capital prosecutor’s request to freeze 15 cryptocurrency wallets, which they claim are part of Cho.

It is believed that the funds from the seizure clarify the proceeds the defendant would have achieved as a thought leader behind Nth Room on Telegram.

Important research results

South Korean prosecutors freeze the purse of the alleged head of a child pornography networkSouth Korean prosecutors freeze the purse of the alleged head of a child pornography network

The court cited the 130 million won ($ 106,734) found at Cho’s home in April as one of the critical pieces of evidence of the crime’s income.

Cho is accused of running a sexual exploitation network and broadcasting videos of child rape.

The authorities behind the investigation showed that the child pornography ring gathered thousands of members. who paid in cryptocurrencies to access the chat room.

Local cryptocurrency industry’s efforts to help the authorities

Both local law enforcement agencies and the cryptocurrency industry have taken steps to support the investigation. and reduce those crimes with cryptocurrency transactions.

Cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb announced the official exclusion of Monero (XMR) from its trading platform on June 1, as part of an effort to investigate the Nth Room case, as this cryptocurrency was used primarily for the children’s group transactions.

Obstacles that need to be overcome during the investigation

Cointelegraph reported on May 6th comments from South Korean IT experts assuring the local press that investigators could have problems with users. who used encrypted anonymous payments to access illegal videos through the Nth Room chat platform.

The South Korean authorities managed to track the fingerprints of at least 40 people suspected of paying with cryptocurrencies to access videos about child rape and sexual exploitation.

Although there was no official confirmation, the local media suspect that the identification of the suspected users was possible thanks to the support of four South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges (Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone and Korbit) for the local police authorities in the investigation.