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South Korea will develop an anti-drone system after infiltration of North Korean spy devices

September 17, 2019

SEOUL, Sep. 17 (Reuters / EP) –

South Korea will invest 88,000 million won (around 67.1 million euros) to develop a weapons system by 2023 that can detect and attack drones, following incidents of North Korean spy drone infiltration.

The system, nicknamed 'Block-I', is designed to track and destroy small drones and other airplanes, as reported by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA).

“Our goal is to improve the system so that it is finally able to intercept a fighter plane and a satellite,” Song Chang Joon, a senior DAPA official, said in a statement.

In 2017, a North Korean drone was found on the South Korean side of the demilitarized zone that separates the two Koreas.

In 2014, a North Korean drone crashed while returning home after reconnaissance missions that included flying directly over the South Korean Blue House and taking pictures, according to the South Korean Army.

The anti-drone system is part of a push from South Korea to channel resources towards the modernization of its Armed Forces, even when it seeks to calm tensions with North Korea through talks.

The two Koreas are technically at war since the Korean War, between 1950 and 1953, ended in a truce and not in a peace treaty.