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Songs to train and feel your heart while running

May 31, 2020

We’ll leave you these tunes to help you reach 180 bmp, the perfect rhythm for this exercise.

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Songs to train and feel your heart while runningSongs to train and feel your heart while running

All the s The they train They know that music is a great companion and that sometimes it can be an impulse to enjoy a good session. The right music can improve your performance, reduce the risk of injury and even bring your blood pressure to an optimal level.

The author and trainer of distance runners Jack Daniels He analyzed the steps of hundreds of athletes to find the ideal cadence for runners. He found that most gave the equivalent of 180 steps per minute (Beats per minute, in English or BPM), ie 90 steps per leg. Since then, this figure has been the ideal cadence for successful runners.

How can you achieve this? You don’t have to have a metronome in your pocket, music comes to your aid.

One study showed that people who synchronized their exercise with music needed up to 7% less oxygen to perform the same exercise than others who did not use sound accompaniment. Not only that, another analysis showed that adequate music is used to reduce the perception of effort by up to 10% thanks to the dissociation effect it has on the brain.

In accordance with GizmodoThere are programs like BPM Assistant and BPM Calculator that let you analyze the music in a library to create 180 bmp song lists.

In s in Spanish We decided to put together a playlist of such songs to give you an idea of ​​which tunes could help you train better.

Would you add other songs?

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With information from LiveScience and Science Based Running.