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Someone anonymously posted an ETH 2.0 escalation solution on medium

June 6, 2020

While the world is waiting to implement Ethereum (ETH) 2.0 participation, someone operating under the pseudonym “heyheeyheeey” has published an article on medium with a protocol-based solution.

The concept is a “blueprint for an ETH2 stakeout solution through Argent that is quick and easy to use so users with less time, knowledge or skills can join from the start,” the author wrote on June 2. Argent is a crypto wallet solution with elements of compatibility with decentralized finance or DeFi.

ETH 2.0 is on the move

Ethereum 2.0, a major topic of discussion in 2020, is essentially an update of the Ethereum network with the goal of scalability. The update brings with it a proof of stake (PoS) consensus that allows asset holders, so-called stakers, to validate the network instead of miners.

Someone anonymously posted an ETH 2.0 escalation solution on mediumSomeone anonymously posted an ETH 2.0 escalation solution on medium

Recent comments from the coordinator of the ETH 2.0 test network, Afri Schoedon, have not yet had a fixed publication date for the efforts.

The anonymously created solution strives for simplicity

With a pseudonymous name reminiscent of the Ponzi scheme dialogue, Bitconnect, the author of Medium heyheeyheeey, said that he had received no compensation for his contribution to ETH 2.0.

The author’s concept stems from a place of simplicity designed to make the public’s job easier. “Staking is coming to Ethereum soon, but it is intended for technical users only and requires a lot of ether,” said Heyheeyheeeyy, referring to the requirement for network staking assets.

“Argent is one of the beginners’ wallets and could fill the gap,” added the author.

Interestingly, the author had only 17 medium followers at the time of publication. This article appears to be his first post on the social media site.

Ethereum 2.0 has been the subject of significant media coverage in recent weeks, with some industry participants viewing the event as a bullish catalyst for the crypto market.

Cointelegraph contacted the author on Medium for further details, but received no response at the time of publication. This article will be updated accordingly if a response is received.

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