Some milestones of the crypto ecosystem in 2021

2021 was a year of consolidation for the crypto economy in the world, and Buenbit has communicated some milestones of the crypto ecosystem to Cointelegraph en Español during that time.

From Buenbit, they noted, among other things, that a country like El Salvador had made Bitcoin a legal currency, that NFT games had 2.32 billion revenue between July and September and that the Bitcoin network’s transactions exceeded those of PayPal .

It should be noted that during this period, cryptocurrency market capitalization increased 240% year over year in the fourth quarter, despite the fact that 2020 accelerated growth slowed in March 2021. The quantities also increased by 155% compared to 2020.

Some milestones of the crypto ecosystem in 2021
Some milestones of the crypto ecosystem in 2021

Statista’s statistics, for their part, show that the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies rose by 300% in 2021, with Bitcoin having the greatest weight with a market value of even over 600,000 million dollars. “It is about a progressive conversion of digital currencies with an investment boom that will increase in 2022”, they commented from Buenbit.

“One of the most noticeable changes of the year has been the entry of small and large companies, not just individuals, who have converted large or all of their government coffers into cryptocurrencies.”

Federico Ogue, CEO of Buenbit, commented on why Latin Americans tend to use cryptocurrencies and why DAI is one of the most widely used cryptocurrencies worldwide according to STATISTA: “Include assets like DAI in the financial strategy of. Help a company gain agility in environments with inefficient financial systems where, for example, inflation risks are an issue and the cost of international remittances is very high.

“On a different scale, the problems that cryptocurrencies solve for companies are usually the same as for individuals, which offers several advantages: access to new demographic groups, transparency in transactions, reaching capital groups and liquidity through traditional investments that have been tokenized , as well as new asset classes; Offsetting cash holdings that can depreciate over time due to inflation; Protection against the devaluation of local currencies; they can be invested and traded with instant liquidity. And in addition to all of the above, they generate daily interest. “they indicated.

Here is an infographic created by Buenbit summarizing the milestones of the crypto ecosystem in 2021.

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