Software for monitoring medical cannabis with blockchain technology presented in Colombia

From Colombia, BAIOT Solutions announced a digital platform to track medical cannabis with registration based on blockchain technology.

Juan Guillermo Rivera, founder of the company, pointed out in an interview with the renowned media Caracol Radio des Kaffeelandes that lA proposal called Baiotraze is software that allows consumers to monitor medical cannabis processes. to know what they just bought.

According to Rivera, although medical cannabis was thought of, the platform is initially indicated that its application could be extended to other areas in the future so that the consumer can manage all information about the cultivation and the final production process.

Software for monitoring medical cannabis with blockchain technology presented in Colombia
Software for monitoring medical cannabis with blockchain technology presented in Colombia

The application works in a similar way to others developed for the monitoring of production processes by the consumer: a QR code that is scanned by the application makes it possible to know the unchangeable and decentralized registration of all information about the product from the source Seeds until final production in a pharmaceutical company.

For Rivera, the use of technology from the so-called fourth industrial revolution will enable Colombia to position itself in the world concert to compete with the technology and to develop good agricultural practices.

Baiotraze uses the blockchain symbol of the NEM platform as a blockchain for the traceability of medical cannabis cultivation in Medellín.

In an interview with NEM Español about the platform, Fernando Gutiérrez, CEO of the company, pointed out that Symbol was the tool that was “pleasantly suited” to process information that Al Campo expected, in addition to the interoperability that the The company’s solution offers Blockchain NEM platform.

With the application you can manage important data in medical cannabis like CBD, a component with significant medicinal benefits, and CBE, another key component in the plant that is not psychoactive.

So far, Baiotraze has worked successfully with 03 different manufacturers in Colombia. in addition to nutrient lines for other manufacturers, according to information from the blog Nem en Español.

According to Gutiérrez, in addition to using the private chain symbol, the application examines the potential of adding IoT to detect light, moisture, climate, etc. in the chain to determine the optimal conditions for each strain of cannabis that will allow it to be transmitted Data to producers needed to improve crop yield.

On the company’s official website, it can be seen that the Baiotraze solution also has modules for artificial intelligence, business and data analysis, which enable greater effectiveness in production.

The platform they offer enables the securing of inventories in the private blockchain of symbols as well as laboratory data that are linked to a unique code for each system Reports that the various ministries and institutions need for the development of crops in all their stages enable automated and controlled production.

According to Baiot Solutions, the Colombian regulations are practically ready and preparing to make the country one of the world’s major players in the production of cannabis. According to the latest report by the Colombian Ministry of Justice and Law, 547 licenses were approved in this sector at the end of 2019.

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