Sofía Cortina, the best Mexican pastry chef in Latin America

Chef Sofía Cortina, responsible for pastries at the Hotel Carlota, is known for her suggestion of sustainable and healthy desserts that are supposed to offer a delicious balance for the palate. She was named the best pastry chef in Latin America in 2020.

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Sofía Cortina, the best Mexican pastry chef in Latin America
Sofía Cortina, the best Mexican pastry chef in Latin America

Renowned Mexican pastry chef Sofía Cortina was named the best pastry chef in Latin America 2020. The award was announced at the eighth edition of the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 2020 Awards, the premier gastronomic event honoring the world’s best region.

Throughout her career in the gastronomic world, Sofía has consistently reaffirmed her interest in bringing Mexican pastries into the eyes of the world, which she has successfully achieved as, through her innovative proposal, she set herself the task of inventing classic desserts using original techniques and disruptive presentations that further emphasize their essence and taste.

Sofía is known for always offering a delicious balance in her recipes where the main character is not sugar. It is characterized by the use of local ingredients. Her favorites include fruits, nuts, and yogurt.

When it comes to desserts, the options are endless for Sofía. Your proposal for sustainable and healthy desserts brings extraordinary creations to life, all of which are extremely delicate and studied and surprise the most discerning palate.

In this regard, Juan Pablo Molinar, Brand Manager at Baileys, adds: “”At Baileys, we’re obsessed with desserts. We believe we all deserve to indulge in a whim from time to time. In this sense, the style so characteristic of Sofía has set a trend in the world of confectionery and has always remained true to its proposal, which ensures a balanced ratio in every dessert. Their technology is an example of the future of pastry culture in Mexico and around the world. It is for this reason that we are extremely excited and proud to work with someone as relevant in the industry as you, who inspires us to explore further and create delicious recipes that go beyond the classic ”.

Choux pastry, praline and smooth hazelnut cream. Instagram photo lavitrinecdmx

It was in 2011 that Sofía began her professional training as an intern at the Pujol restaurant, run by Chef Enrique Olvera, who worked as an apprentice for three years. And through Alejandra Rivas, a former pastry chef from Pujol, who confirmed her passion for pastries.

In 2013 he decided to become more professional in Barcelona, ​​take a course at Espaisucre and work at Albert Raurich’s Dos Palillos restaurant.

During her career, Sofía has represented Mexico at gastronomic festivals such as Morelia en Boca and the most experimental bartenders in the world. In 2017 she was nominated in the Promising Chef category of the Gourmet Awards. His projects include

WW Residence, Roma Bistrot, La Vitrine and Grupo Peyote based in Dubai, London and Ibiza. You can currently try her delicious creations in the Carlota Hotel’s pastry shop.

With this award, Sofía joins an elite of world-class pastry chefs who are adding successes, setting the trend in Mexican and international pastries and breaking a path of success in the gastronomic industry.

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