Soda, cigars and cartoons

The American producer of bottled soft drinks Long Island Iced Tea Corp. announced the change of the company`s activities on their press release. Now it is going to be engaged in the development of blockchaintechnologies because, according to its CEO, Philip Thomas, in it the company sees opportunities that can be got only once in a lifetime, and the fruits of these works will bring significant benefits to shareholders. From now on, the organization will be called Long Blockchain Corp. It is worth noting that they still do not refuse to produce beverages, this kind of activity will be allocated to a separate department.

After the press release, the price of the company’s shares soared by 193%.

Earlier, the American company Rich Cigars, engaged in the production of elite cigars, announced the change in the type of activity in favor of the “aggressive” mining of cryptocurrencies. Now it is called Intercontinental Technology Inc. Director Richard Davis explained that such a decision was made by the new leadership due to a rapiddrop in demand for their products, as well as the need for development in other areas. The share price has also reacted positively to the news, showing the price per unit higher than in the last three quarters of this year.

While the producing companies are rebranding into IT industry, the creators of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin (Charlie Lee) and Monero (Ricardo Spagni), and also Pixelmatic CEO Samson Mo and bitcoin enthusiast White Panda started cartoons “Magical Crypto Friends”, whose goal is the popularization of digital currencies. It is interesting that the initiators of the project themselves became the the main characters, Li is a chicken, a Mo is a lion, Spagni is a pony, and, there`s panda of course.

The episodes that will be released once a month, will raise the vital problems of the world, in spite of the joking genre. So the famous characters want to establish a dialogue with the enthusiasts of blockchain.

Meanwhile, in Russia a dialogue with such enthusiasts will be held in the upcoming Monday in the small hall of the State Duma. Officials and blockchain professionals, among which there is going to be a Bulgarian project MiningNow, will meet at the World Meeting of Miners in Moscow.

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