Social and environmental entrepreneurs will meet during FLII 2020

During the Latin American Impact Investment Forum, corporations, entrepreneurs, NGOs and investment funds will address issues such as climate change, migration, health and universal education.

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Social and environmental entrepreneurs will meet during FLII 2020
Social and environmental entrepreneurs will meet during FLII 2020

This 2020, he celebrates 10 years bringing together social and environmental entrepreneurs, corporations, investment funds, foundations and NGOs to collaborate with each other and discuss best practices in the area of ​​impact investment.

The event that will take place in Mérida, Yucatán, from February 18 to 20, is organized by an accelerator focused on catalyzing social and environmental companies to integrate them into a collaboration scheme with corporations, foundations and NGOs.

Among the conferences that are considered is the investment in women entrepreneurs: Intelligent investment in gender: systemic, inclusive, resilient taught by Suzanne Biegel, founder of Catalyst at Large, a consultant focused on expanding the role of women in the investment of impact and investment with a gender perspective.

In addition, issues such as migration in the panel will be addressed: Capital in motion: a borderless approach to refugee investments, whose objective is to analyze Mexico's opportunities to become a country that hosts almost one million displaced people, some fleeing violent crimes, other internally displaced persons and hundreds of thousands of citizens deported from the United States.

The health issue will also be addressed in: Wellbeing beyond doctors: investing in a healthy system where the opportunities that funds have to participate in issues such as improving final patient care will be explored.

Another relevant topic will be the panel: Investing in nature-based solutions for climate change, which will deepen the urgency of increasing the capital invested, which is currently only 10%, in solutions based on the care of nature and in the preservation of biodiversity.

In addition, we will talk about the importance of future food in the panel: From the floor to dinner: cooking sustainable food systems through investments. And advocates Circular Fashion (designers, investors, activists and opinion leaders with extensive experience in the industry) will share their experiences in panel E l boom circular fashion: a fad or the future?

FLII is a great opportunity to strengthen an ecosystem that is concerned about offering solutions to problems that need to be resolved. Here you can and don't miss the coverage in Spanish .

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