So you can heal from the distraction syndrome in 8 days

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So you can heal from the distraction syndrome in 8 days
So you can heal from the distraction syndrome in 8 days

From a business perspective, this is not a discovery Distractions They are the number one enemy for achieving goals and for productivity, basic elements not only for the benefit of an organization but also for people to achieve a better quality of life.

I used the term for this article syndromeBecause one of its meanings relates to the symptoms and characteristics of an illness and believe me, distractions become a real pathology on both a business and personal level.

With regard to organizations, a few years ago, when the rhythms and dynamics allowed greater flexibility in our activities, there were rather interruptions that had less harmful effects due to their shorter duration. Nowadays everything is much faster, more changing and more demanding; We are not only faced with interruptions, but also with real distractions that affect concentration and focus.

Some of the most time-consuming distractions today are checking your email inbox. However, there are some others that also require visual, acoustic, and even emotional attention. This is the case with distractions that result from checking social networks and chat messages.

Remember that if necessary, you need to manage your time minute by minute to respond to the current demanding rhythms. In some cases, it is necessary to limit the social interactions that hinder you. Don’t worry, this is an opportunity for them to be more productive too.

Today we face a fork: mail, social networks and chats are becoming a sick syndrome that throws our professional and personal productivity overboard. Or they become wonderful communication and update tools that contribute to our productivity, our professional and personal growth. We are not victims, we have the opportunity to choose.

The second option must recognize that we have a problem. This statement may seem absurd to you, but today, since you are one of many evils, you lose sight of it as a real problem, and instead of focusing on solving it, we try to survive or adapt to this pathology . Let us reconsider. This is out of control. It is not normal and does not contribute to growth, neither business nor private. Once we stop looking at it as normal and see it as a problem, we can focus on the solution: learn to deal with it.

If you want to resolve this situation with your employees and work teams, you should focus on resolving it yourself first. This will help you be an example that you can. Of course, it can cost you work first. It has become a habit and change requires some effort. Then it’s about alerting them to the problem, proposing specific measures and competing with them for the benefits they get.

I will give you an example of a simple eight-day action plan to regain focus and increase productivity. I suggest you do it for yourself first. Once you have walked the path and drawn your own conclusions, you can implement it with your work team.

Action plan

The first three days:

+ Every time you check your inbox, Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp; Every time an employee, a call, etc. interrupts you, it takes the time you need. It is also important to find out how long it takes for you to concentrate properly after each of these distractions. At the end of the day, add up all the times.

Make a list of the earrings you have left each day, determine how long it took you to finish them, and check what percentage of the time you spent on distractions.

See if you’ve stopped doing what you planned to do after the office because you had to stay longer than planned. Write down the time you had to stay and see how that time corresponds to the time you spent on technological distractions.

Since it is impossible not to worry about these types of distractions, I suggest the following for the next five days:

Plan your day. Watch 20 minutes every 2 or 3 hours as necessary to check emails, social networks and chats.

+ Also, think about caring for people who have something to say or call 30 minutes before you eat and before you leave. You have to be very sure that if what they have to do takes more than 10 minutes, this matter requires a meeting and you need to plan it.

+ Check your to-do list at the end of the day. You will surely find that you could meet her better. If you have more than one day pending, you need to reduce the time it takes to check emails, social networks, and chats when planning for the next day. This is to catch up and avoid pending dragging, hindering achievement of goals, straining you and affecting your personal life.

After these 8 days of evaluation, where you “consciously” lived the cost of distractions in your productivity, it is much easier for you to continue the actions of the past 5 days until they become new. Way of working.


+ focus. When you speak of your professional appearance, you will find that this ability is directly related to a higher level of performance.

+ freedom. By being in control of your actions, you can freely decide what is best for your professional and personal development.

+ balance. It seems like a lie, but the fact that you manage your time is the first step in balancing the different aspects of your life, as the imbalance between them is largely due to lack of time and focus.

+ Organization. Everything fits in a glass and knows how to put it. It will be easier to organize and do many of the things that you wanted and that you lacked in time.

So think about the discipline to deal with distractions that don’t help you be productive. Don’t let this continue to be a syndrome. Make things possible for you and your organization.

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