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So the trends of 2020 have accelerated

April 24, 2020

Physical isolation has led to increased interaction through online platforms, be it for social, informational, work or entertainment purposes.

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So the trends of 2020 have acceleratedSo the trends of 2020 have accelerated

By: Jorge Fuentes, Director of Media Effectiveness at Kantar México

In the first few weeks of the year, Kantar published the most important trends and media forecasts for 2020. Just three months after this presentation, some have already been driven by the global crisis we are experiencing in the face of COVID-19. This in turn will lead to a significant change in consumer habits in the medium and long term.

Physical isolation has led to increased interaction through online platforms, be it for social, informational, work or entertainment purposes, which is why advertising is present in the media on-line A longer connection time can make it more meaningful for brands, just as it is an opportunity for some media in the house like television and radio, which could use this to try to reconnect with some target audience segments that offer differentiated and innovative content. On the other hand, the media outside of the house (OOH), press and magazines need to be more creative to stay close to the audience with their digital options.

One of the trends we talked about earlier this year was the platform war from StreamingThe same range of content has been expanded with different generators that have preferred access terms, free materials, and even more. This is one of the most accessible entertainment options while staying at home like playing. We should also take into account that we will see new providers later this year.

Another trend that is preferred is that E-sports or electronic sports due to the cancellation of most physical sporting events like soccer, basketball etc. This is an attractive option that is widespread in the world and our country is no exception. It is a serious and attractive business for the audience in the sports quarantine. For example, 32% of Internet users in Brazil are already active fans of electronic sports. An estimated 600 million minutes of electronic sports were broadcast on Twitch in 2019. Another interesting fact is that 54% of followers The 2019 Fortnite World Cup winner social media are professionals, not teenagers.

The new world of advertisingThe combination of online content and e-commerce has increased in recent months, such as marketplaces Amazon, Free market y Walmart You already have an interesting ad offer that creates a dynamic that could have a differentiated influence on the purchase decision. In addition, we have to take into account the advertising formats that can be used to make purchases with an optimized process, even during live broadcasts, and all this goes hand in hand with the possibility of shopping via mobile devices. In China, for example, 70% of adult Internet users are already shopping on their mobile phones, compared to 47% of the global average.

It is a fact that online shopping has skyrocketed in the past few weeks for some categories like supermarkets, healthcare items, food apps, detergents, etc. This surge could continue after the crisis due to the benefits some of these new users have had in electronic payments and home delivery.

Another forecast for 2020 was for brands that have been associated with some kind of activism or social purpose, a dynamic with which they have managed to connect with their consumers. For some of them, this statement was very relevant, while others recognized this effort as advertising. However, we also talked about the fact that it is no longer enough to make a statement, consumers want to see sensible measures, and we predicted that brands will become more radical in 2020 and that consumers and companies will increasingly scrutinize themselves have to deal with some difficult questions. This is exactly what can already be seen in the current crisis. On the one hand, there are brands like those in the automotive industry that have stood out with their ads on digital platforms in order to attract attention and stay at home. Banks have also sent an important message of support by expanding payments for all types of consumer-branded loans that have reaffirmed their activism, which they already support with various social measures, such as cleaning beaches or even changing part of their beer production to produce beer Have shown cans of water and water Now they are using part of this production and distribution for the production of disinfectant gel.

On the other hand, consumers are seriously questioning companies and brands that have not shown solidarity with their employees due to the quarantine situation. Over the next few years, we will know if this has a major impact on your business, although it is a fact. Consumers have taken an initiative to assess brand action.

It is believed that the world will be different after this global event. It is important to understand all aspects that will be affected, changing the mindset and interaction of consumers, categories with significant losses and others that are becoming more relevant, adjustments in media consumption, let us build this understanding together.

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