So are the dark shops

Warehouses set up to capture and ship orders that come in from a digital platform and offer up to 60% of products than traditional stores. Mexico ready for them?

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So are the dark shops
So are the dark shops

Let us not be afraid of his name. In the midst of uncertainty about tax treatment, large companies are trying out new models connected to the digital channel and are starting to shape terms like ghost stores or as we know them in general dark shops.

The dark shop is a warehouse where orders are received and sent from a digital platform. In populations with a high population density, their distribution is the same as that of a business. The main difference, however, is that There is no physical presence (cashier or customer). and even less advertising or promotional material.

Most supermarkets are preparing orders online in-store, but growing consumer demand has led to a response from large wholesalers, which has created this new sales channel that frees them up and enables them to provide service faster and more efficiently. According to the study by BlueboxThe effectiveness of these centers is three times that of traditional supermarkets.

They are open all year round and vary depending on the degree of automation. Some may resemble a supermarket, where employees walk through the aisles with their shopping carts and pick up the ordered products online.

Less expensive logistics and distribution

Dark stores improve product availability and make online stores a more realistic option. Retailers are forced to open this type of format because delivering to thousands of households requires cheaper, centralized logistics and distribution.

A clear example is that of a Colombian company where its center can process more than 4,000 orders per day and offer 30,000 different products, a 60% more than in traditional shops.

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The food sector is in crisis, but are Mexico and Latin America ready for this type of business model? Will we see this type of format prevail? Will like companies Sigma Foods Your first dark shop?

The effects of technology on new purchasing models cannot be overlooked. Without a doubt, dark businesses will continue to develop and integrate ever more sophisticated technologies such as robotics. For companies like Model groupOmnichannel no longer only understands channels, integration into artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, the ability to know and personalize customer interactions thanks to data, and the monetization of social networks are some of the elements that will shape the analog / digital convergence of this new era .

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