‘SNL’ tries, and fails, to steer clear of politics in Mother’s Day cold open

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One week after Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress at the center of a controversy surrounding President Donald Trump, made a surprise cameo on “Saturday Night Live,” the show tried to take a step back from politics with a cold open celebrating Mother’s Day.

“SNL” cast members appeared alongside their mothers in a sweet tribute — but soon found they couldn’t avoid politics for long.

‘SNL’ tries, and fails, to steer clear of politics in Mother’s Day cold open
‘SNL’ tries, and fails, to steer clear of politics in Mother’s Day cold open

“Normally we open this show with a political sketch which can sometimes be divisive, but since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, we’re going to focus on the one thing we can all celebrate together — moms,” cast member Aidy Bryant said while standing arm and arm with her mother.

Kenan Thompson then appeared with his mother, who joked about how long he’d been on “SNL.”

Thompson then asked his mother if she liked the show.

“I do, except for all the political stuff — we get it!” she replied.

Later Mikey Day introduced his mother and asked her if she thought he’d ever be on “SNL” one day. “No,” she replied, laughing.

He then reminded her of the time he was in a production of the play “The Crucible” in high school.

“You know, ‘The Crucible’ is a lot like the witch hunt against President Trump,” she said, before Day quickly led her offstage.

Newcomer Luke Null said he loves his mother because she always gives him the best advice.

“Thanks, Luke, here’s some more. Enough with the Trump jokes — and why doesn’t ‘SNL’ ever talk about ‘Crooked Hillary’?” she replied, referring to Trump’s pejorative nickname for Hillary Clinton.

“Mom, I’m so new here — please do not do this to me,” Null said.

Fellow newcomer Chris Redd told his mother, “Mom, I’m new and also black, so be cool, please.”

“I don’t understand why everyone focuses on Trump when you should be focusing on Jesus,” she responds.

Redd replied, “Jesus isn’t president.”

“And that’s the problem,” she said.

Colin Jost, co-head writer of the show and “Weekend Update” anchor, then asked his mother, “Mom, you like the politics on the show, right?”

“I think Alec Baldwin does a great Trump impression, but why does it have to be so mean? Who writes that stuff?” she said.

Jost hesitated and shrugged the question off, blaming Michael Che, his fellow co-head writer and “Weekend Update” anchor, for those jokes.

“Yeah I don’t know,” he said. “I guess it’s mostly Michael Che.”

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