Snack addict? New labeling has not changed the consumption habits of Mexicans

A recent study by Kantar, a brand consulting and data analytics company, found that the new lettering in products that are considered “harmful” has the Consumption habits of Mexicans.

The change to the Official Mexican Standard (NOM) 051Forcing Businesses Information stamp in the packaging. These black labels warn of excess calories, sugar, carbohydrates, sodium and other ingredients to combat obesity and promote healthy eating among the people of Mexico.

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Snack addict?  New labeling has not changed the consumption habits of Mexicans
Snack addict? New labeling has not changed the consumption habits of Mexicans

Fabian Ghirardelly, Kantar manager in Mexico, is of the opinion that the measure had only a very limited effect in the country, as despite massive implementation there are no alternatives to replace these products.

“We don’t see any effects of labeling in Mexico. We have been here for six months and of course we are not seeing any significant impact that we can associate with the stamps in changing purchasing habits or household consumption. “Ghirardelly said at a press conference. “That was a huge initiative. Perhaps so massive that in the end it had little effect because there is no substitute.added.

In addition to the new labeling, authorities banned the use of cartoons, athletes, celebrities, pets and other characters that encourage the consumption of certain products. Because of this, iconic and lovable characters are like that Bimbo bear, Chester Cheetos, the Tiger toño Yes Pancho panther, among other.

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Kantar’s 2021 Brand Footprint report found that last year, despite the black labels coke It was the best-selling brand among Mexicans, with a presence in 97.7% of households in the country. In second place was Bimbo with a penetration of 99.3%, followed by Lala (94.7%, Nutri milk (76.8%) and Alpura (66.8%)

They also found that in 2020 Mexicans will reduce their consumption of brands like Red cola, Maria’s cookies and articles by Petal. This confirms the trend among the population to migrate to cheaper brands amid the decline in incomes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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