Smile at life! Get more positive with these 5 steps

These practices will help you change your outlook on life and achieve success.

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Smile at life! Get more positive with these 5 steps
Smile at life! Get more positive with these 5 steps

History has shown us that those who have a vision optimistic of life are those who usually succeed despite difficulties.

For me, changing my negative attitudes has completely changed my lifestyle both personally and professionally. As I changed my mindset and increased my positive attitude, I went from the founder of several failed startups and persistently depressed to the president of a successful tech company.

Here are five tips that helped me get rid of that mental negativity and be a more positive person.

1. Express your gratitude

One of the easiest ways to increase your positivity is to be more appreciative. When you value what you have, you can let go of your resentments. Gratitude instantly connects you to feelings of love. And where there is love there is no place for other poisonous sensations.

The best way to implement gratitude in your life is to express it every day. Each time you wake up, describe (in your head or on paper) 10 things you are grateful for; Do it with all your heart and in great detail.

2. Be generous

Often times, negative feelings are born because we focus on the darker aspects of our life. You can get out of this vicious circle by giving something to others unconditionally.

Share your skills with the people around you. If someone needs advice, help them. Don’t doubt your worth, because even the smallest gesture can help other people’s perspective immensely.

3. Control your breathing

It is sometimes said that those who control their breathing are able to dominate their lives. This is a very true saying. Think about the times when you lost control. What happened to your breath When we get angry, we usually take short and quick breaths. When you are in control of your pursuits, you can understand and control your negative emotions.

Consciously practice following your breath, either in a quiet place or while meditating. As you blow air through your nose, you can feel your lungs fill up. When the air reaches the deepest part of your chest, slowly release it through your mouth and release the tension.

4. Visualize the success

Your imagination can be used as a great tool to become more and more positive. Many of the great minds in the world including Oprah Winfrey and Will SmithThey use the power of visualization to attract what they want in life. Why don’t you use it

Start by closing your eyes. Think about a positive event that happened to you in the past. See exactly how it happened in your mind’s eye. When you open your eyes, allow yourself to remain in this positive attitude. The effects of visualization can be enhanced through meditation.

5. Meditate

It is one of the most effective ways to increase your positivity. Meditation expands the consciousness within the individual and enables him to have a better connection between mind, body and soul. With meditation, you can learn to let go of the past and the emotions that are poisoning you and preventing you from developing.

Find a quiet place to sit, lie down, or do what suits you best. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let yourself relax. As you breathe, feel yourself letting go of the emotions that you are holding onto. Release a little more each time you inhale. As you close these cycles you will find that everything around you is love. Allow yourself to live in this feeling.

Do you know of other practices to improve the attitude we have about life?

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