Smart Structuring presents progress and opens a new round of investments

Next Thursday, June 25, the founders of Smart Structuring Inc., Martin Litwak (CEO) and Naum Ravinovich (CTO) will be hosting a webinar with other members of the company’s executive board to discuss their first product: Smart Trust . This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

Smart trust, which has been in the test phase since January 2020, It has the peculiarity of being a platform that was designed and developed by the trust management industry for this area. Among other things, as reported, it has the added value of providing trustee and family office customers with 24/7 access while generating additional revenue for those who manage trusts and achieve savings that are more efficient in their operations.

Litwak and Ravinovich, creators of the original idea, remarked:

“We use the advantages of blockchain technology to offer unique advantages and solve previously unsolved problems in the industry, e.g. B. A timestamp of when and who performed the individual transactions or operations within each trust structure. On the other hand, the immutability that this technology offers offers unique added value and increases the credibility of a company that is mainly based on trust. “

Smart Structuring presents progress and opens a new round of investments
Smart Structuring presents progress and opens a new round of investments

It should be mentioned that This first product is in the test partner phase. This means that there are several trust companies and financial companies that use the platform and provide valuable feedback.

“The platform has been shown to several other trust companies who have expressed interest in becoming customers as soon as sales begin and, on the other hand, have confirmed the potential of the Smart Trust. These potential customers are primarily located in the Caribbean and also in the United States, although the product has a global reach, “the statement said.

“Because of the architecture and the peculiarities of how Smart Trust was built, The product is highly scalable. Scalability and versatility that exist in future industries planned by Smart Structuring, ”they added.

Further details on the product will be provided in the webinar on Thursday. of the team and a new round of capitalization is officially launched. Interested parties can fill out a contact form and request further information.

About Martin Litwak

Martin Litwak is a lawyer specializing in international estate planning and structuring of investment funds. He is the founder of Untitled (formerly known as “Litwak Partners”), a law firm and a legal family office. He is currently the company’s CEO.

Litwak is also developing as the CEO of Smart Structuring, a blockchain platform that can be used to store and manage trust relationships. He is a member of several international bodies and has been a leading expert in this field and a speaker in the industry for several years.

In 1998 he received his law degree from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and two years later his master’s degree in finance from CEMA University (Argentina). Subsequently, his professional practice was also made possible in England Wales and on the British Virgin Islands.

During his professional career, in which he lived and worked in Argentina, the British Virgin Islands, Uruguay and finally in the USA, Martin Litwak mainly focused on advising families with high purchasing power on the establishment and management of trust structures Resolving issues related to lack of legal certainty, lack of privacy and tax pressure in the countries where these families live, as well as succession or property protection issues themselves.

He has also helped several Latin American-based fund managers build and license hundreds of mutual funds, most of them in the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

Litwak has also been very active in mergers and acquisitions in multiple jurisdictions, various types of financial transactions (venture capital, project finance, structured finance, IPOs, etc.), tax amnesties and advice on crypto assets and blockchain.

He is the author and / or co-author of numerous articles in specialist publications in Latin America, the United Kingdom and the United States. In 2018 he published his first book: “How the rich protect their wealth and why we should imitate it.”

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