Small recovery encourages markets

January was a month of ups and downs for Bitcoin’s price. Trading sideways in the forty thousand dollar area, the asset has been following a fairly unstable price for the past few days, which has forced many traders to wait for clearer signals before initiating positions.

However, at the time of writing this post, Bitcoin’s price was showing a small sign of recovery in the global markets., which is trading at an average of $43,211, with a weekly improvement of almost four percent.

Small recovery encourages markets
Small recovery encourages markets

In Latin America, the behavior is no different at all. Let’s see how the Bitcoin price behaves in the main markets of Latin America.


In Argentina, the intense heatwave doesn’t seem to have discouraged bitcoin’s price continued to strengthen against the Argentine peso, with a positive change of two percentage points, according to Ripio.

With this win, the price of BTC is back above nine million Argentine pesos (ARS).


Meanwhile andIn Colombia, Bitcoin price is following the behavior of its neighbors in South America and has recovered +1.6% in the last 24 hours.

With this recovery, the price of Bitcoin in Colombia is now trading above 172 million Colombian Pesos (COP), according to data from


On the other hand, In the southern nation, the price of Bitcoin is trading at the 35 million Chilean Pesos (COP) level., after weekly recovery of +1.4% according to data from


Bittso, the reference exchange in Mexico, reports that the price of Bitcoin is around 881,481.33 Mexican Pesos (MXN)., just over a percentage point in the last 24 hours.


Now for the conclusion in the oil nation Venezuela Bitcoin’s price continues to show atypical behavior for the rest of the nation, fueled by hyperinflation that the South American country continues to suffer.

According to Remitano, the price of bitcoin in this country is about 258,085 bolivares (VES) for sale, while there is a big difference when buying almost 65,000 units.

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