Sleep in a cab in NY? 11 weird deals can be found on Airbnb

Take a walk on the wild side of the world for a night or two in bed in a parking lot or an igloo in Austria.

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Sleep in a cab in NY? 11 weird deals can be found on Airbnb
Sleep in a cab in NY? 11 weird deals can be found on Airbnb

The streets of life guarantee nothing but adventure.

That seems to be proven by these bizarre Airbnb offers, which advertise quirky accommodations like a taxi or an igloo.

1. A bed in a parking lot

If you want your own “piece of heaven,” check out this Airbnb listing for a comfy bed in the middle of an outdoor parking lot for $ 11.50 a night.

2. An Austrian igloo

The hills come to life in this cool house: a real igloo in Austria, available for $ 60 a night.

3. Take a flight

Although the offer no longer accepts reservations, people could at some point sleep in this spacious apartment on a plane for a few nights. The “Lodge” offers all essential services, including a bathroom and a kitchen.

4. The world is an oyster

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be an oyster? For $ 300 a night, you can imitate Poseidon and live in this place that looks like a giant clam

5. One night in the dog house

You don’t have to run into any problems to stick with this great Airbnb deal. This gigantic dog house doesn’t come with Scooby Doo, but it might just keep you entertained.

6. Live in nature

Sleep with the birds of the tropics at this Nicaraguan tree house for $ 185 a night. The house has a great view of the forest and the sea.

7. In a bubble

Sleep under the stars in this bubble-shaped house. No curtains are required when staying in this light-walled dome in France.

8. The rock and roll lifestyle

This house is said to have survived the sound waves from Jimi Hendrix’s guitar. Apparently the superstar was on this Airbnb getaway once.

9. Night in the aquarium

Would you like to win a stay for two in an aquarium with sharks? Now, thanks to this Airbnb deal, you can.

The offer speaks for itself best: “Imagine immersing yourself in three million liters of water in a ten-meter-deep aquarium, along with 35 of the most majestic creatures on earth: sharks.”

This “underwater” bedroom offers a 360 degree view of the tank.

Apparently the stay would include entertainment as well as host Fred Buyle, a record breaking, passionate underwater photographer and shark enthusiast, will have fun and dance with the deadly animals for you.

10. New York taxi

For $ 49 a night, you can sleep in a “chic” cab from New York City. This place has the comfort of a large bed and is 10 minutes from Times Square. The taxi host, Jonathan explains, “I can interact with you if you want, but I also respect your privacy.”

11. Retreat for dog lovers

Do you need to flee and rest in a lake? Do you want to do it with a cute dachshund by your side? He “Hotdog Hideaway Pet-friendly waterfront cabin“At Marcellus, it offers you both.

“We are like that Pet friendly You can rent a sausage dog while you are here! “, it says in the original offer.

Would you stay in one of these places?

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