Since Domitai, interest in Bitcoin has increased

In Mexico, the Domitai company has noticed an increase in interest in Bitcoin. This is done directly in the context before the halving. Cointelegraph in Spanish spoke to Javier Saviñon, Domitais UX Writer, about the event and the price of Bitcoin, among others.

Domitai has seen more people’s interest in Bitcoin in the past month. And in this regard, Saviñón said:

“It works wonderfully for us. A few days ago, we reached a record volume of one BTC within 24 hours, which makes us one of the most liquid exchanges in Mexico. Although we are still in beta, we are already working to better serve our customers and attract more investors to the ecosystem. “

Cointelegraph spoke specifically about the price of Bitcoin and asked him in Spanish whether the rise was due to the proximity of the halving. He replied:

“It seems easy, but it is not. In fact, Bitcoin’s price and halving have no direct correlation, so it shouldn’t matter. However, everything seems to indicate that there is a phenomenon known as self-fulfilling prophecy. A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when a prediction is made and therefore it becomes true. In this particular case, most analysts have been predicting since last year that Bitcoin will hit a price in excess of $ 50,000, which has resulted in holders accumulating large amounts of Satoshis. If most crypto investors take this position days before halving, the prophecy has come true. Anyway, that’s good for all owners. “

Since Domitai, interest in Bitcoin has increased
Since Domitai, interest in Bitcoin has increased

In all of this scenario, the halving date appears to be moving forward. Saviñon pointed out the causes:

“This is because mining power has increased. The difficulty of proof of work in the blockchain is adjusted so that a new block appears on average every ten minutes. Depending on the mining performance, this difficulty increases and decreases every two weeks. However, if more miners enter before the “target period”, the blocks can be mined much faster, resulting in us halving a few hours earlier than expected. “

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