Silvina Moschini, the Argentine entrepreneur on her way to the next pink unicorn, tells us how women can raise capital

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  • Moschini mentions several challenges women entrepreneurs face in raising capital. According to the entrepreneur, this is a question that has to do with culture.
Silvina Moschini, the Argentine entrepreneur on her way to the next pink unicorn, tells us how women can raise capital
Silvina Moschini, the Argentine entrepreneur on her way to the next pink unicorn, tells us how women can raise capital

Silvina Moschini is CEO and founder of She works! A platform that connects working women in the same way with companies around the world enables them to work remotely and in flexible hours that adapt to their needs and are their president Transparent business, Remote work team management platform.

While many companies suddenly had to switch to remote work after the pandemic, they already had the advantage of using the necessary software so that employees can work virtually and in an organized manner. “We don’t have offices, we never had them and we won’t have them,” says Moschini.

“Transparent Business is a company that is now valued at $ 500 million. By the end of the year, we will be doing what is known as a mini IPO, a public offering of shares in which the company is worth trillions or 1,000 million. As I said, this will be the end of the year. Next year we want to have a big $ 10 to 10 trillion IPO, ”says the entrepreneur.

The challenges women face in the company

The businesswoman says that the term “unicorn” corresponds to the ability to reach a larger company, and “pink” attributes it to the female leadership style, hence the term pink unicorn.

“It’s a lot harder for women to get involved because it’s a huge challenge for us to build companies that are really great, among other things because it’s very difficult to raise capital. Aside from the fact that there are many other factors that don’t make it easy for women or that we don’t get involved in projects related to Cove Ventures, we often opt for smaller and nicer projects that involve more initiatives. Girls, less scalable stuff and the pink unicorn concept are at least one company worth at least $ 1 billion, ”explains Moschini.

It’s becoming very fashionable these days because the style of male leadership is traditionally associated with a tougher, more assertive topic, and women make a broader, more talkative, and participative contribution in times of crisis.

Photo: Courtesy of Silvina Moschini.

“For example, the countries that best tackled crises in the pandemic world were those with female presidents or leaders, and that has a lot to do with leadership, with the feminine style that is not so much related to gender. but with the way of directing. We women like to listen more, create more engaging teams because people feel they can participate, have more opportunities to integrate, and understand that you are facing someone who is going through difficult times, and person first and then bring the function to it, ”adds Moschini.

Moschini mentions several challenges women entrepreneurs face in raising capital. According to the entrepreneur, it is a question that has to do with culture and that we were trained in a certain way from a young age and the same obstacles must be removed.

“Since we were little they have taught us that we have to be pretty, sit up straight, be like a princess, that the prince will come, that he will save you, that later your problems will be solved and that will not be done. The reality is that if a prince doesn’t appear and you have to wait, he is not enchanted or comes in shining armor or he is a disaster. What my dad taught me is what I’m looking for, too, because I work hard to empower women by helping them be financially independent. True independence always starts with your wallet, in that I am able to own your economic independence. Why not? You can only talk orally about empowerment if you have no money and are not empowered, ”explains Moschini.

However, it is very important that as entrepreneurs, these deeply rooted obstacles and cultural blockages are removed.

“The reality is that we can do what we want because we have the ability to do it, because women are better prepared than men today, and I’m not saying this in the air, women get the most university degrees. Master’s and doctoral theses acquired at universities. So we are better prepared and these are not opinions, but numbers, ”adds Moschini.

Take the risk of raising capital. It doesn’t hurt to try

The goal is to change the chip and modify that mentality to celebrate the possibility of being strong, successful women and not living them with guilt. He also mentions that women are disabled when it comes to asking for money and that fear must be lost.

“When women ask for money, they always shyly ask for it and it shouldn’t be. If we want to request money we have to be more confident and aggressive and say give me your money because if you don’t give it to me you will be afraid of missing out (FOMO) and you will lose the opportunity to bet on women entrepreneurs. This also applies to any woman who works in a dependent relationship. We work harder, we’re better prepared, we produce more, and when you hand it over to women-run businesses, they get a 21% better return on earnings than those run by men. If you don’t have access to capital, you can’t start a great business. In other words, you need money to hire good people and pay them well, ”explains Moschini.

It is also important to get rid of the cheating syndrome, to have the wrong belief that it doesn’t matter what we do and to consider that if you are allowed to lead, it was because you were “lucky.”

“We arrived because we are able and have to overcome this limit that we often impose on ourselves. We believe that things work for us because we were in the right place and at the right time. Women don’t apply for jobs because they don’t feel 120% qualified, while men say yes – I’ll just go there – it doesn’t matter that I’m 70% or 80% prepared, they dare. It is difficult for women to over-promise and sell yourself because we are ashamed. If we are proud and present ourselves as capable people, we will make people feel uncomfortable and make the other person feel bad, ”says the entrepreneur.

With that in mind, women tend to take work very seriously and try too hard, which is pretty good. However, she does suggest that it should be rated because what they do has a positive impact on what others see and on mutual funds.

“0.4% of venture, investment, corporate, and venture capital – as the United States say – in different women entrepreneurs means we’re not ‘gringas’, we’re diverse because we’re Latin Americans 2% goes to American entrepreneurs that is nothing in itself, “says Moschini.

She shares her experience of meeting direct with investors, corporate CEOs, and explaining that she’s running a business that would be worth a lot of money and that it would change the way companies and people work If talented women from anywhere in the world could access employment from home regardless of their location, this would give them the opportunity to work for Cisco, Google, Mastercard or any startup in Silicon Valley Today, work is far and away You can be at home with a computer and work for the business you want.

Photo: Courtesy of Silvina Moschini

“That way I raised more than $ 13 million and became the first entrepreneur in the world, definitely the first Latina, without having to be told that they weren’t ready to give me mutual funds because it was or was very pretty or very ugly, very tall or small, very fat or very thin, any excuse. What I want to share for the entrepreneurs is that it can be done, that if I could do it, everyone can do it because I have nothing but what we all have. It seems to me that these are the challenges that we must face so that we all know what we deserve and that we have enough confidence to achieve what we propose because we have won, and that is true also for applying for a raise and not just for entrepreneurs Says Moschini.

What is the current assessment of the market for women?

“I believe that today’s labor market with the pandemic has the chance of the century for women because it is a challenge when you think about why women are leaving the labor market. 51% of mothers leave when they have their first or second child, when they become mothers, no matter what they studied, how capable they were, what a good job they had, they quit their job due to a lack of flexibility as this is very much difficult is the power to have a family and to adhere to rigid work models. I think the normalization of remote working with the pandemic opens up a whole world of possibilities so that women no longer have to explain to our employer that we can work from home because they’ve already seen it and already realized that this one Job they didn’t swear it could be done, yes, it can be done, ”replies Moschini.

The foregoing gives us an understanding that there are opportunities for all women as remote work gives them that flexibility. You can do various activities such as B. Traveling, looking after your children, studying and much more. For some women, it is liberating because it allows them to be independent of schedules, both financially and in terms of availability, because when you have a fixed schedule of eight to seven in the afternoon it’s no life to stand by that time You at 6:00 am and you have no desire to do anything and life is not all work.

“With that you can say, I’m going to get some customers and work for them from all over the place, make an income and depending on what you want to do, you can make more or less, but I think the pandemic, as the Chinese say, to the USA Symbol of the crisis is danger and opportunity, in this case to change the dynamics of the market so that talented women from all over the world can work from home or wherever they want and not have to choose between private and professional life ” . Moschini points out.

In terms of work, they work from home. Its goal is to become the operating system for remote working so that businesses of all sizes can structure teams with technology and flexibility. This is their mission to team with the people who work in their company.

“We hire a lot of people, there are a lot of people who are unemployed today. We would like to invite you to register and view the vacancies. We have 20 open positions, we will be adding more to our company and we want to have a lot of Mexican talent, for men and women who are super capable and we would like to be able to connect and facilitate their work from our platform “Adds Moschini.

How can the gender gap be bridged?

“You dare and encourage us to want to change things. A lot of companies and people talk about how good it would be, but that’s not how we solve it, it’s actions, not intentions, that change reality. The next is to come together, women do good and bad work to support each other. There is a phrase that says the real queens are the ones who take the crowns between them, but women still feel like we have to compete instead of helping each other which is wrong. We grow and evolve by lifting other people up. We need to think more about the community. It also works with men to help them understand that this is not against them, that women’s right is a human right and that it creates better societies where we have people with different points of view and we need to work with men to create a world in who makes the decision the same way the world does, half by men and half by women. So looking for men as allies. After all, think big and without restrictions, ”says Moschini.

Against this background, it is very important to trust one another, to create community and to support one another, to look for allies and, above all, to think big in projects that have a big impact.

“To be ambitious and not feel that ambition makes us evil, because the use of power by well-used women can make a lot of positive changes in society. When women work, we educate the community more, give back, create ecosystems that help and every time more equips this whole circular economy culture. We have a project called SheWorks! Academy where we use Google, Facebook and the Inter-American Development Bank to train women online so that they can develop skills so that they can get a job from home, such as: Community manager or experts in digital communication. I studied communication and I know how important skills in this field are to be successful in the market and we want to complement that with digital skills too so that those who have studied the same can understand that this is a fundamental pillar of the Everyone is operating the company, ”says Moschini.

Photo: Courtesy of Silvina Moschini

It is important to help acquire all of the above skills and always have a human quality, not for fashion but as an intrinsic value.

She works! Academy is an academy that they did online and always are Remote first, In other words, they never had a paper version and are very excited about a project in Guatemala and are now working on it regionally. The girls that are there now never work for Pepsico, Google, and other very interesting companies you imagined you could do it.

Current prospects for entrepreneurs

“In terms of entrepreneurs, it’s a great opportunity for those who are not digitized to virtually transform their businesses. For example, many companies that had businesses will now be able to do social or electronic commerce. Sports centers allow you to customize your courses on the Internet and expand your audience to customers from all over the world. The transformation opened up a much larger potential market landscape for them. There was also the possibility of founding companies that were already digitally born. For example, a good friend of mine who is an incredible Mexican entrepreneur named Ricardo Weder is the founder of a company called Justo MX. It’s a 100 percent internet supermarket. You can order your entire market without setting foot in a store, says Moschini.

So it is a good opportunity to transform companies in such a way that companies can become ten times more agile, economical, effective and inclusive, and can hire women online online, have a larger market and without geographical restrictions.

“Using this crisis as a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and be encouraged by the need to take a step forward to accelerate this digital transformation that would happen to them one way or another, just that people put it off. If there is a crisis, it is because the past refuses to go, the present is not ready to come, and that is what the pandemic did. She hastened the exit from the past because the work in offices was ridiculous, it polluted and people wasted time, the hours paid didn’t count, women missed opportunities, it was expensive and now they say it is so obvious that none Made sense, but why did we keep doing it? and that was because we didn’t have to change, ”says Moschini.

future plans

“We are planning a very strong landing in Mexico. We have many customers there such as Telcel, América Móvil etc., many companies that are very special to us. Our goal is to operate with equipment in Mexico in the next two months, beyond that partner and bring the company to a public offering of shares that shows that it is possible to obtain funding and create companies that are one hundred percent anchored in our technology, ”concludes Moschini.

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