Sign an agreement between the DIDI project and a university in Argentina to research digital identity

The NGO Bitcoin Argentina (DECODES), as part of the DIDI (Digital Identity for Inclusion) project and the National University of San Martin (UNSAM), have signed an agreement that allows students of sociology and anthropology to pursue their professional practice for hours on research, to improve the evidence for the potential of blockchain technology to improve access to goods and services of the population in vulnerable situations. This was reported to Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

This is the second time in a row. to????The potential of blockchain technology is enormous. There is still a lot we need to know and understand about its scope, functions, and possible uses for social purposes. In this context, we believe that a study of the social sciences on self-sovereign digital identity based on the blockchain makes a very valuable contribution to the development and growth of this highly innovative model, as emerges from the DIDI project.

Javier Madariaga, director of the DIDI project, spoke about self-sovereign digital identity and said:

“It focuses on empowering people to manage their personal information”.

Sign an agreement between the DIDI project and a university in Argentina to research digital identity
Sign an agreement between the DIDI project and a university in Argentina to research digital identity

And added:

Today we are constantly delegating custody and the management of our identities to institutions and organizations that are known to use our data for their own benefit, generally for commercial and economic purposes. For this reason, we believe that self-sovereign identity models not only represent progress in terms of individual rights, but also enable them to contribute to overcoming the formal entry barriers for excluded sectors.

The agreement between the IDAES School of UNSAM Enlargement Secretariat and the Civil Association for the Development of Decentralized Ecosystems (DECODES) is to encourage the participation of students in institutions with territorial insertion so that they can complete the necessary research hours in their curricula.

The call, which is open until May 10, includes the creation of an analysis document. Based on an overview of concepts, studies and scientific articles that are linked to self-sovereign digital identity models. The tasks of the selected students will be carried out for three months.

Blockchain technology project

The DIDI project, formerly known as “social, civic and economic inclusion through blockchain models”, is a self-sovereign digital identity project from Argentina using blockchain technology.

The aim is to improve levels of trust and remove some of the socio-economic and financial barriers that prevent populations in popular neighborhoods from accessing goods and services.

It is funded by the NGO Bitcoin Argentina together with BID Lab with support from IOV Labs (RSK Smart Contracts + RIF), NEC Argentina, Atix Labs, Programa Semillas, Accenture Argentina, LACChain, Azure, Blockchain Federal Argentina and Wicklow Capital.

In January of this year, Cointelegraph spoke en Español with Javier Madariaga. When asked if he thought blockchain was a fad, he replied:

Blockchain is not a fad, but a technology that makes it impossible to change the information stored in it. It’s about taking advantage of the associated decentralization, security, privacy and transparency.

Surely we will see in the years to come which applications are best suited for this technology, aside from crypto assets which were the first and clearest use, but no doubt there is still a lot of potential to explore.

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