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Shops and restaurants will reopen at CDMX on June 15th

May 13, 2020

They need to start with restrictive measures, including a third of their capacity, signage, internal surveillance, and equipment for personnel.

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Shops and restaurants will reopen at CDMX on June 15thShops and restaurants will reopen at CDMX on June 15th

The government of Mexico City published the proposed reopening plan for economic and essential activities, highlighting that companies like Restaurants, department stores, services, cinemas and theaters will be reopened until June 15 with various restrictions.

They would also return to activities Banks and financial services, legal services, law firms and sporting events, but without an audience.

Restaurants and shops should be open to a third of their capacity. In addition, there are restrictions regarding capacity, signage, monitoring of the infection inside, staff equipment and hygiene of the rooms.

If regrowth is detected, appropriate measures are taken to contain it.

Return to the face-to-face courses by August

Primary schools will resume their personal activities until August. although a specific date was not given.

However, several provisions have been made for elementary schools:

  • Institutions should be granted to students or teachers with comorbidities or with vulnerable people.

  • People with symptoms of illness (cough, runny nose, fever) are not allowed.

  • The borrowing of personal items of any kind is avoided.

  • Post-school activities and teamwork are limited or suspended.

  • Groups of a maximum of 15 students or, if this is not the case, physical isolation measures in the classrooms.

  • Voluntary help.

  • Extraordinary cleaning and hygiene measures must be taken in the facilities.

  • Antibacterial gel is applied to all people when entering the property.

  • Daily cleaning of the seats with alcohol or chlorine.

  • Constant hand washing and the use of face masks are encouraged.

Corporate and government offices that pay no attention to the public will also return by August.

On the other hand, universities and gyms, massages, bars and clubs will return by September.

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