Shiba Inu in full swing, I hack Cream, Finance, cryptocurrencies at US banks and much more. A round-up of the week’s most important crypto news

A new week in the cryptocurrency industry has come to an end between metaverses and dogs. We are approaching the last section of a hectic and turbulent year 2021 and see how digitalization is becoming increasingly important in the real world and opening up even more possibilities for the digital economy of cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to a collaboration between Blockchain Summit Latam and Cointelegraph led by Cristóbal Pereira, CEO of Blockchain Summit Latam and Latam Tech, and Ezio Rojas, Managing Editor of Cointelegraph in Spanish, We present you a roundup of 5 news that have appeared in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market and ecosystem this week. You can also listen to it here in podcast format.

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