Sheinbaum asks CDMX companies to return to the home office

Claudia Sheinbaum urged businessmen in the city to restore remote working for their employees, warning them to close offices if they fail to comply.

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Sheinbaum asks CDMX companies to return to the home office
Sheinbaum asks CDMX companies to return to the home office

Mexico City stays on an orange light for the following week, despite the fact that the hospital has expanded due to COVID-19 infections. “In the last seven days we had more occupied beds,” said Friday Head of government of the capital Claudia Sheinbaum.

In light of the increase in infections, the capital’s president called on the city’s employers to restore remote working for their employees. with the warning to close offices if they do not follow this instruction.

Sheinbaum announced a number of initiatives including the reduction to the minimum of the activity of the capital government from Mondayin line with the call of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s morning conference to prevent the city’s residents from going out to celebrate the Christmas holidays.


Call the population

The measures announced by the president of the capital also include an intensive campaign to alert the population, strengthen hygiene measures, dose filters in the historic center, strengthen neighborhoods in sanitary emergencies, increase the number of daily tests, and restore and Expansion of hospital capacity.

The Ministry of Health reported on Thursday that 108,173 people have already died from the new SARS-COV-2 coronavirus in Mexico. In addition, the confirmed cases totaled one million 144,643, said José Luis Alomía, director general of epidemiology.

In the meantime, the suspected cases of potential COVID-19 disease progression rose to 57,049.

New measures and measures to prevent COVID-19 infections

  1. Call the population to return Stay at home, just go outside what is necessary and to open up rooms, Wearing mask, healthy distance and hand washing.
  2. Minimize the Operation of the city government (Closing of offices to the public) including autonomous offices.
  3. Strengthening work from home in private offices.
  4. Intense campaign Communication to alert the population.
  5. Validity and Strengthening the hygiene measures up-to-date for companies and a call for compliance by companies.
  6. Dosing filter in the historic center, in the Central de Abasto and in shops and malls that require it.
  7. Colonies in a hygienic emergency: Strengthening territorial work and measures for businesses.
  8. Increasing the number of tests Isolate cases.
  9. Recovery and extension of Hospital capacity.

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