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She is Mar.ia, the first Mexican virtual person and influencer

June 2, 2020

It is a virtual character who will share his life on Instagram.

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She is Mar.ia, the first Mexican virtual person and influencerShe is Mar.ia, the first Mexican virtual person and influencer

How far can our imaginations go as humans? This year will be remembered for both the historical events we are experiencing and the ingenuity and innovation of the people. In this context, we learn that he was born Maria the first mexican virtual person.

A physical auxiliary robot? No, it’s a character that goes through Instagram She will share her grandmother’s recipes, her passion for plants, and talk to us about issues such as gender equality and mental health.

In one of her publications, Mar.ia explains that she was born out of “a flood of information that the Internet has broken down with for Mexicans looking for whether a Quesadilla carries cheese or not” and herself as “a mix of Mexican snacks.” , Memes, Grandmother’s Recipes, Taxco Crafts and Artificial Intelligence ”.

This virtual character is characterized by charisma and a sense of humor, in which influencers already have 10,000 followers Instagram (at the time of this publication), with only five contributions and two outstanding stories.

In one of his publications, he shares the exact moment when he prepared some chilaquiles based on tutorials and his grandmother’s secret recipe, and since it’s new to the human world, he wonders why this dish is only eaten in the morning.

In terms of its style, the new one Influencer Virtually prefers colorful patterns when dressing and has one appearance that can go from urban to traditional. If you want to get to know her, you can do so via her Instagram account: @ soymar.ia.