She created an app that allows people to make extra money using all of their skills

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She created an app that allows people to make extra money using all of their skills
She created an app that allows people to make extra money using all of their skills

Dana Daniels He started working abroad for telecommunications companies in Mexico, the United States and Latin America in 1999. This gave him the sensitivity to know the migrant market, what they used the money for, their phone cards, debit cards and where they communicated from.

In 2012 he decided to found his own telecommunications company, Cronos Group, which offers B2B services (between operators) and now charges more than 40 million pesos per year. For several years, Diana has been working hard to reach the end user with a B2C business that meets the requirements of the migrant market.

Therefore, in 2016 he decided to found a second company, which should initially be a company Market place Connect experts to users who need a service. When she was finished defining her product, her grandmother, who lived in Mexico City, suffered a stroke and there was no close relative to help her cope with the disease since she lived in Barcelona, ​​her mother in Pachuca and had other sisters. in other states of the republic.

Her first challenge was to find the right person to take care of her grandmother remotely, which she solved with a recommendation. The second challenge was to pay him because this person was not banked. This event helped him finish profile creation even further TinkerLink, a marketplace that connects experts who are recommended by someone you already know.

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The first stumble

Diana climbed the steps of the corporate world at a young age and was used to a way of working with structures that support you. When he decided to start, he realized that he didn’t have all the resources of a large company. “You will become the Human Resources, Administration and Marketing Department.”

His first attempt to launch the app in 2016 failed because the programmers he hired, the youngest graduates, did not have the necessary skills and then hired an engineering service from India. “When we went out, the application fell because five people were connected,” he says.

Diana had to wait a year and try again. It was when her grandmother’s event occurred, an event that enabled her to assess two important things: the first, the meaning that is today Circles of trust Second, when a person decides who to hire to solve their problems, and second, that we all have different skills that can be profitable.

“The reality is that People don’t have enough salary to make ends meet y You must have a different income. A systems engineer can offer to install the Internet in your home or clean your computer and also give training, while a housewife may need a banquet, a photographer, cupcakes, tables, chairs, and a clown for a party. Perhaps some of them can offer and monetize their skills and eventually dedicate themselves to what they can do. I believe that the future of work will be that we can get different incomes from different sources, ”he says.

The entrepreneur hired more experienced people who were more expensive but helped her get a high quality product. TinkerLink started operating in Monterrey in 2018 and spread organically in Mexico City. “For us, the topic of trust is of central importance because we want both experts and those looking for a service to use the platform because they want security, speed and trust.”

Financial inclusion

Today TinkerLink 95,000 users and did more than 20,000 games. The service is free for everyone and there are no commissions. The user downloads the application to their phone and can then connect their contacts to check if they are and recommend them. Both service providers and customers can create advertising.

Although this startup is currently acquiring users, its business model is based on three sources of income. The first with one wallet This enables them to charge a transaction fee commission. “We don’t want to be the uber of services or charge commissions to help companies find talent. We prefer to do this through financial inclusion. ”

The target group for TinkerLink are these Six out of ten Mexicans work in the informal economy70% of whom have no access to financial services. “It’s not just about helping them find a job, we want them to have one more income and use them more efficiently. “

The second source of income is that brands can offer their services within the application and wallet. And the third is one Freemium model This offers users different types of access.

In addition, the entrepreneur has the Tinkerlink Academy This helps people acquire additional skills so that they can offer better service or get better jobs. It’s about offering online courses.

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In the world of mobile applications, there are many who focus on finding talent, or unifying those who offer their services with those who need to solve a problem. In relation to the competition, Diana claims that “there is so much market that we all fit”.

His background in telecommunications taught him to believe ‘Coopetencia’. “I come from a sector where we all offered the same services, but we helped each other, we bought from each other, because when you work together, the market grows. We are open to working with other applications, ”he assures.

Nevertheless, the entrepreneur knows that unlike other applications, users in TinkerLink can develop their skills and generate competitiveness based on the recommendation of the quality of their work. “Our goal is to democratize prosperity with decent work and on the basis of democracy digital call;; That is why we do not set a price range for what they can ask for in order not to make the market cheaper. “

This startup is at the stage of generating greater traction and is looking for a strategic partner to take out its wallet and with the vision of growing exponentially in 2020 towards the United States and Latin America.

Diana is an idealist and enthusiastically says: “The ability to make people employers is incredible, and others sell their skills and help them make their dreams come true.”

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