Shark Tank México Fridays are back with special chapters!

“The Best Moments of Shark Tank Mexico” is a selection of episodes from the show’s five seasons, in which tank fans can relive unforgettable situations.

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Shark Tank México Fridays are back with special chapters!
Shark Tank México Fridays are back with special chapters!

Shark tank Mexico It is a benchmark program in Mexican entrepreneurship, thanks to the 500+ entrepreneurs who shared their ideas with 11 of the country’s top entrepreneurs during the program’s five seasons.

Before the Sony Channel spear “The best moments from Shark Tank México”Selection of the Business Reality Show, which is presented on Fridays in February at 10:00 p.m.

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What will you see in Shark Tank México’s Best Moments?

We all know the advice of Arturo Elías Ayubwho have favourited funny phrases from Carlos Bremer, the Patricia Armendarizwho have favourited ideas from Marcus Dantusand the stories of Rodrigo Herrera or the reflections of Ana Victoria Garciaas well as the secret around Jorge Vergara and his lack of socks. All of these great experiences we’ve had with them in the tank for five seasons are available to you in these specials.

What else will you see In each of its four episodes “The best moments from Shark Tank México” It will have a central theme that will be spiced up with sections or special reports on other fun and interesting situations that have happened in five years. You can see the myths or legends about sharks that you may not remember.

The first episode will see them “Intense Negotiations” where three pitches bring adrenaline and stress to the top: a young nutritionist who created a healthy snack to satisfy cravings; two travel gurus with an “offer”; and a creative developer who conquered sharks in more than one language. In addition, the best “bites” among sharks, the craziest reviews and the answer to a great mystery of Shark tank Mexico: Why didn’t Jorge Vergara wear socks?

The second episode will be “A passion for sport”, which will be full of emotion and we will know different ways to sweat in the tank: a couple of young football fans who wanted to carry their love for the ball off the field; An extreme sports visionary who created an energy drink with a formula that athletes want to consume and three partners who developed a kick grip device. In addition, special sections of the dynamic duo: the things we learned from Rodrigo and a report on the struggles between Arturo and the products; in addition to the best hits from entrepreneurs.

For the third episode, they’ll be presenting “Great s”, a selection of projects by great women who stepped on the tank, and we’ll see sections like: four times we’ve all been paty and one with entrepreneurial couples where the woman is the boss.

The fourth episode will be at the end of February “To open your mouth”, a tasty chapter because Sony Channel prepared a top on how sharks ate some ventures alive, a curation of Rodrigo’s moments as the fittest shark in the tank, and a list of situations where Arturo’s discerning palate can be seen.

Don’t miss the show every Friday from February 5th to 26th at 10:00 PM on the Sony Channel.

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