Sex, drugs and rock and roll in times of coronavirus

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It will take more than a pandemic to put sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll out of commission. Aren't these classic categories of self-relief products used during a quarantine? I'm sure they're helping to keep a lot of people sane.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll in times of coronavirus
Sex, drugs and rock and roll in times of coronavirus

“Turn on your webcam, light that joint and watch a live performance of your favorite band and I'll see you outside once the apes have taken over Earth,” said Ralph Sutton, founder of GaS Digital , a subscription network for comedy shows and podcasts.

Sutton's show is called The SDR Show , which represents the same “sex,” “drugs,” and “rock” referenced in the title of this article. So who better to explain how these “vices” are winning?


PornHub did it right: free content,” Sutton said in an interview with . “Get people hooked now, since we have no idea how long we will be in this chaos we now call living, and why not attract people to the platform for 30 days of free Premium account. Whoever uses it will probably continue once Let's find out that we're still here until mid-July. ”

The aforementioned offer by the adult entertainment giant of free premium memberships to various enclosed lands such as France, Spain and Italy is not, of course, the only pandemic trick they are exploiting. The site has had more than 9.1 million coronavirus-themed searches from January 25 to early March and contains content with masks, rubber gloves, and … other things.

The X-rated things evolve with each new trend that enters the spirit of the age. Paraphrasing Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park : “Pornography Finds a Way”.

Elsewhere in erotica: While Las Vegas may have closed, Nevada-based sex workers are reporting a huge increase in business.

And the Lucky Devil Lounge brothel in Portland, Oregon, should be applauded, reusing its exotic dancers without a job to help deliver food to people in quarantine. In fact, the company now offers door-to-door snacks and “healthy distance striptease” at home to its customers within 20 miles of the city. However, thanks to a lawsuit from Uber Corporate, they no longer call that service “Boober Eats” .

Unfortunately, not all is good news for sex. A possible global condom shortage is expected because Malaysia-based Karex Bhd, the world's largest rubber maker, had to shut down all its factories for a week due to a government-imposed blockade. A deficit of 100 million is expected for brands like Durex .


“Although I don't use a lot of drugs myself, I can tell you that most of my friends have been living in a constant drug-induced haze since the beginning of March,” Sutton explains. “So congratulations on essential dealer service to keep that going through this pandemic.”

First, let's take a look at France, where the cakes are just as “innovative” (see chef Jean-François Pré's chocolate Easter eggs modeled from a microscopic version of the virus), as his public announcements are informative (officials They recently released a public statement that dismisses rumors that consuming copious amounts of cocaine can kill the virus.)

Fact aside, it should come as no surprise that when coronavirus first hit the United States, marijuana sales increased 50 percent in legal areas like California, Colorado and Oregon, with dispensaries in Cali already starting to worry about keeping your supplies.

And marijuana merchants in the Big Apple (where the herb is still available only through the medical card given to glaucoma patients) tell The New York Post that sales are increasing.

For those who prefer to sip their sadness, in the week ending March 21, sales of alcoholic beverages soared 55 percent, according to Neilson .

More surprising: Mexico has stopped the production and marketing of Corona beer , but not for the reasons you may think. In fact, the decision is based on closing non-essential deals and nothing to do with the unfortunate brand name. In fact, Constellation Brands , which imports the drink from the northern border of Mexico to the United States, claims that sales grew 8.9 percent during the first three months of this year, and Corona y Modelo continued to be its biggest attractions.

Rock And Roll

“Applause to all the bands that broadcast live on Instagram every day. I've seen some of my favorites play more live in the past few days than in the past few years!” Sutton notes. “Your fans will remember this.”

The LA Times recently released a summary of the best / worst parodies of pandemic songs. Featured: Neil Diamond, himself, singing “Sweet Caroline” with less grip and more hand washing. As well as the hundreds of versions of “My-Sharona” that became “My Corona” that are currently playing on YouTube.

To know more:

And while the Irish band The Coronas has been concerned that the “big wave of interest” regarding their pre-pandemic name will affect them in the long term, one must see the unique case that is Latin America . A lot of themed songs of social distancing have become very popular. According to Rolling Stone , Mister Cumbia's “La Cumbia del Coronavirus” , Kaseeno's “Coronavirus” and Yofrangel and Fraga's “Corona Virus” are rising on Spotify's charts in several countries.

And in another morbid side note alert: Of course, Michael Stipe has updated “It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” , but now with viral survival tips .

Stay safe, healthy, and do whatever it takes to stay sane. As long as that doesn't mean recording your own version of “My Corona” on YouTube. Do not do that.

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