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Several countries propose to create a coalition to discourage Central American migration to the US

August 24, 2019

SAN PEDRO SULA (HONDURAS), Aug 24 (Reuters / EP) –

Countries like Mexico, Colombia and other Central American nations have advocated this Friday for the creation of an international coalition that promotes investments in the so-called North Triangle of Central America, with the aim of discouraging migration to the United States.

Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have an erratic and insufficient growth and high levels of corruption, which adds to the violence of drug trafficking and gangs dedicated to extortion.

The massive migration of Central Americans to the United States has caused the anger of US President Donald Trump, who threatened Mexico with imposing tariffs on its imports and countries in the region with suspending Washington's cooperation if they did not contribute to curbing the phenomenon.

“The region of the Northern Triangle and Central America requires a shock inversion,” said the president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández, at the end of a summit of the Tuxtla Dialogue and Coordination Mechanism, made up of Mexico, the countries of Central America, the Dominican Republic and Colombia.

In the final declaration, the delegations expressed their “commitment to promote the formation of a great international initiative for the generation of mass employment and productive investments in our countries” in order to reduce the “migratory momentum”. Hernández has indicated that this proposal will be presented to the United Nations Organization (UN).

For its part, the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated in a statement that the summit participants condemned the attacks this month in the US city of El Paso, in the state of Texas, directed against the Hispanic population and “motivated by the hate, xenophobia and racial discrimination. ”