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Several Chinese media have set up a blockchain-based news division

May 22, 2020

A group of 12 Chinese media organizations, consisting of television channels, local newspapers, radio stations and web media, joined forces on May 21 to form a “blockchain-based news department”.

According to the report published by China Email, the group consists of media companies from across the country. They use solutions based on 4.0 and the advantage of blockchain technology in favor of the distribution and exchange of content over the network.

The alliance named “The National Department of Blockchain News Editing” distributes more reliable and understandable news and multimedia files that are recorded as blocks in a blockchain network.

Several Chinese media have set up a blockchain-based news division
Several Chinese media have set up a blockchain-based news division

The media groups that make up the division include Beijing Time, Hubei Radio, Shanghai Poster Industry Group news, Guizhou Daily Tianyamn News and Yunbao News.

Blockchain applied to the media across China

According to Wu Tong, deputy director of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s CECBC Blockchain Committee, the reform they are pursuing through the news department is governed by the following principles: logic of thought, form of wealth, type of organization, and technical framework.

Wu says the country has made better progress on blockchain development, which is an example of the “intensive” development of collective learning about blockchain across the country.

China Email’s article adds that the use of blockchain in communications can not only help news producers protect copyright, but also create business value.

Reduce legal costs on copyright issues

In addition, Shang Kun, deputy general manager and co-secretary of the China Communications Industry Association’s Special Committee for Blockchain, stressed that the use of blockchain technology can also “significantly” reduce legal litigation costs by raising legal issues related to copyright law the protection of rights “more convenient and efficient”.

Blockchain adoption in China

Cointelegraph has reported extensively on the increasing adoption of blockchain across China.

China’s Blockchain-Based Services Network (BSN) was officially launched on April 27. This is a global business project that enables blockchain projects to build and run a new application based on this technology at a lower cost. .

On the other hand, the government of Anhui, a province in eastern China, launched its first blockchain platform to provide government services.

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