Set Zen goals and achieve them!

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In the world of business, business and entrepreneurship, the concept of goals is always present, these desired results, for which it is planned, organized and implemented in defined times in order to achieve concrete and measurable goals. These goals always have two possible outcomes, reaching or not achieving.

Set Zen goals and achieve them!
Set Zen goals and achieve them!

If you are successful, you have to set new goals that are always more challenging. But if you don’t succeed, it’s time to overcome mistakes, rethink and try again. At least that’s what we were told in our western culture.

An old movie called “The Last Battle” comes to my mind when an old vagrant explains to a priest why he became a vagrant and says:

– I wanted to find out what’s behind the mountains
– And what’s there?
– Other mountains

Do you then intuit the question?
What comes after goals?
Stop for a moment and let’s think about it.

According to Zen philosophy, pursuing a goal reveals something that has been subtly inserted into our head of style: “When I reach X, it makes me happy,” but it’s an illusion, since the logical consequence of this thought is that what we have in the present moment is not enough, and that is exactly the root of all suffering, since suffering under this glass is caused by the thirst for something that does not It is there, either because it has stayed in the past or because it is in a future that we do not know for sure if it will come.

Here’s a first shock that contradicts everything we’ve been told about business and life in general.

Set goals in life!
Chase your dreams!
Make an effort!

However Zen tells us, first ask yourself:

  • Is it really my goal or that of someone else, society, maybe my family?
  • Isn’t my goal just something terribly inconsistent?
  • Isn’t it just an illusion that fades when it’s reached?
  • What is my purpose
  • Why do I want this goal?
  • Whom does it serve?

And here the Zen conceptualization of goals makes us turn around.

According to Zen, the goal opens before your eyes in an intuitive way, when you completely calm the mind and there is no tension anymore, this thirst to look outside of yourself and you stop fighting, passion arises as something natural and goals seek you , not the other way around.

When that moment comes, you have to be ready to develop, to change, to contribute, knowing that there is a way in your life at this moment that is right for you, and you have to be the first Take a step, move, and the path will appear clear. It will attract you, challenge you, tell you that you are better than you ever thought, and yes, it is a great challenge, but it is an invitation from life that you should not reuse and should simply surrender to the fact that you can be a success.

And you have to watch your fears, because most people stick to the idea: “No, that’s not for me, better the safe way, and maybe I didn’t realize my dreams or big goals, but at least I can pay the rent . ” And they are content with something small, inappropriate instead of being something big for themselves and others.

And the only way to do this is to drop everything, the idea of ​​who you are so far.

There is only one goal for the wisdom of Zen, at no other time to find what you really are here and now, without opposing and without adhering to the goal that you have found.

It should be mentioned that this should in no way lead to inaction as we are paralyzed by the suppression of the goals we have struggled for. Life requires action, but not from the perspective of “I want or I need”, but from The perspective of does not require anything, but the goal requires me.

So: Do ​​you pursue goals or do goals allow you to achieve them?

If you want to learn more about it, you can read this other article: How to be a Zen or I also recommend my book: ZEN : A Guide to Surviving the Business and Finding a Balance in Life You can download here.

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