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SeSocio presents a new platform and changes the brand image

October 27, 2020

In Argentina, the SeSocio investment market presented a new brand image as part of its third anniversary of the renewal of its platform. This was reported to Cointelegraph en Español through a press release highlighting a sense of belonging to their community the goal of positioning the company in the face of new challenges to democratize investments in the region with blockchain technology.

As they explained, under the motto “Change to keep growing”, the new painting has two figures that cross and meet to create a new shape.

“Hence, the logo describes the SeSocio community as the engine for the decentralization of finance, as the users decide without restrictions when to get in and out of each project,” they stated.

SeSocio presents a new platform and changes the brand image
SeSocio presents a new platform and changes the brand image

Ricardo Roig, Product Manager at SeSocio, said:

“We are delighted with this launch, as it is an important milestone for us to continue to grow exponentially and to expand our service offering in all the countries in which we operate. In this redesign, we are focusing on creating a simple interface that provides the right information at the right time that we are looking for Improve the dialogue between users and make our trading module more visible, where you can buy and sell project tokens at any time.

Then he added:

“The SeSocio community is very diverse. It has users who are highly positioned in crypto, others who prefer to position themselves in assets tied to a tangible asset, and those who combine the two.”

On the other hand, Guido Quaranta, CEO of commented:

“With this change in the visual identity and functions on the platform, we welcome the future of investments (…). We want to take the democratization of the use of money to another level. This is the new stage that we are starting today. “

About SeSocio:

SeSocio is an investment marketplace where you can invest with no minimum amounts. One and a half million operations have already been performed. More than 220 projects have been funded and run 9 billion pesos. You can participate in a variety of projects ranging from, for example, cryptocurrencies to real estate, as well as projects related to fashion, farming ventures, and shows.

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