SEP ticket qualifications: how to check them

We tell you where and how to find SEP 2020 ticket qualifications.

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SEP ticket qualifications: how to check them
SEP ticket qualifications: how to check them

This story originally appeared on Mexico Unknown

The SEP 2020 certificates will be available on the portal of the educational information and management system (SIGED). A button is visible to students here. This system offers a simple and safe way to determine qualifications.

Image: Via México Unknown

In this portal parents and pupils can see the elementary school classes of the ending cycle. By clicking on students, The page will ask for the unique student population code (CURP). Information on SEP certificates for primary school and high school can be found on this page.

Once the student’s CURP has been entered, the system will provide grade, group, shift, and other data in addition to the grades previously loaded by the teacher.

Image: Via México Unknown.

Parents can know this through this digital platform SEP 2020 ballot. In order to physically sign the documents, you have to go to the appropriate school at the beginning of the next school year.

Preschool, elementary and secondary school children finished their classes remotely. As part of the Learn at Home program, the assessment follows at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. From June 8th to 19th, the teachers carry out the administrative workload and assess the pupils.

According to Education Minister Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, teachers need to consider the first two quarters of the current cycle, which was 73% advanced at the beginning of childbirth, to assess students’ final grade.

They also take into account the activities that millions of children have carried out during the healthy distance and which they have kept in the experience folder to improve their grades.

Grades are available once the teacher enters them into the system. The head of SEP added that the certificates that confirm the student’s degree are also issued online. For the 2020-2021 school year, enrollment for primary school levels (pre-school, primary school and secondary school) takes place on August 6th and 7th. When the traffic light is green, the 2020-2021 cycle begins on August 10th.

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