Send a one-minute audio of your cough and help identify cases of COVID-19

“Tose con Causa” is a campaign by the University of Guadalajara to develop a free application that helps in the early detection of the disease.

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Send a one-minute audio of your cough and help identify cases of COVID-19
Send a one-minute audio of your cough and help identify cases of COVID-19

The laboratory of I.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Auto-ID Lab, has developed a scientific project whose purpose is to identify cases of COVID-19 of thousands of Audios of people who cough. The idea is to develop a free application that uses algorithms to distinguish the sound of a patient’s cough from that Corona virus that of a healthy person.

However, many people need to work together to record and broadcast an audio of your cough regardless of your health. Due to the gigantic dimension of the project, MIT has tried to work with other institutions around the world to compile the audios, including the University of Guadalajara who started their “Tose con Causa” campaign. In addition, civilian hospitals have banded together to help collect the audios.

So far, Dr. Brian Subirana, a researcher at MIT, led the project in Spain, the United States, Italy and now in Mexico. The possibility of supporting this cause is open.

The Jalisco institution accepts audios from people between 20 and 90 years old. In the same way it is recommended to keep a minimum distance of 6 meters to another person when recording the audio. Similarly, they recommend coughing three times regardless of whether it is forced, and when you’re done, clean the device in which the audio was recorded and wash your hands. all this to avoid contagion.

The institution in Jalisco accepts audios from people between 20 and 90 years old / Image:

The following steps are very simple. You need to go to, read and accept the terms of cooperation, and you are ready to record your cough. When you’re done, make sure the recording is done correctly, and then click the green “Upload” button so researchers can receive your audio.

Finally, you need to fill out a small form in which you state aspects such as your age and gender and have identified symptoms of SARSCoV2. The form does not contain any questions about personal information and you can send as many audios as you like within the next 14 days.

It is a completely voluntary and altruistic act, since nobody receives any compensation for their cooperation and the original purpose is to save lives with an early diagnosis of the disease. For this reason, anyone wishing to do so can raise doubts and will be answered by email.

To date, there have been more than 13 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 infections and more than half a million deaths worldwide. The United States ranks first among the countries with the most infections with a share of 3,616,747. Mexico remains in fourth place with 318,000 cases.

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