Senator Susan Collins announces that voting á in favor of acquitting Trump in the ‘impeachment’

La senadora republicana Susan Collins llega al discurso del Estado de la Nación del presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump.

Republican Senator Susan Collins arrives at the State of the Nation speech by US President Donald Trump. – Leah Millis

MADRID, 5 Feb. –

Republican Senator Susan Collins has announced Tuesday that she will vote in favor of acquitting the president of the United States, Donald Trump, of the charges of which he is accused in the impeachment that is being brought against him, abuse of power and obstruction to Congress.

Senator Susan Collins announces that voting á in favor of acquitting Trump in the ‘impeachment’
Senator Susan Collins announces that voting á in favor of acquitting Trump in the ‘impeachment’

The senator has considered that the fact that Trump asked his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodimir Zelenski, to open an investigation into Hunter Biden, son of former US vice president Joe Biden, was “inappropriate” and demonstrated “a very poor trial,” but, a Despite this, the House of Representatives has not fulfilled the task of dismissing Trump.

“This decision is not about whether or not this president likes it, if he agrees or opposes his policies or approves or disapproves of his conduct (…) Rather, it is about whether the charges meet the high standard constitutional treason, bribery or other high crimes or misdemeanors, “said Collins, according to the CNN television network.

Until now, Collins was part of the group of senators, along with Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski or Lamar Alexander, of whom it was speculated that they could vote with the Democratic senators in favor of dismissing Trump and thus tilting the balance in favor of the accusation. Murkowski, on the other hand, already confirmed on Monday that he will also vote in favor of acquitting Trump.

However, Collins's announcement reduces the chances that some Republican senator will finally cross the Democratic lines in the vote, scheduled for Wednesday, and that he will presumably settle for Trump's acquittal because, precisely, the US Senate is a Republican majority –53 senators versus 47.

The senator for Maine and Romney already voted with the Democrats in favor of summoning several witnesses to testify in the process, including former US National Security advisor John Bolton to testify. Romney has not yet announced the meaning of his vote and remains the only Republican who could join the Democrats.

The political trial is chaired by the president of the United States Supreme Court, John Roberts, and the seven deputies appointed by the House of Representatives who act as 'prosecutors' in a process in which all senators must act as jurors, regardless of party in which they militate.

The impeachment process encompasses the investigation and voting in the House of Representatives, where Trump was officially disapproved in December, thus becoming the third censored US president, and the political trial in the Upper House, in which, to date , no president has become dismissed.

The process began following a complaint filed by an intelligence officer who considered that Trump's call to Zelenski on July 25 was an attempt to pressure him to force him to open an investigation into the Biden, paralyzing until then the delivery of more 300 million dollars of military aid to Kiev and postponing the invitation for a meeting at the White House.

Trump maintains that he is the victim of a “witch hunt” and that his call was “perfect”, despite the contradictions that have been observed in the Government since the complaint of the anonymous official for the alleged campaign of pressure on Ukraine.

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