Senator Joe Manchin withdraws fundamental approval of White House social spending reform

The White House accuses Manchin of his “sudden and inexplicable” change of opinion

West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, one of the party’s closest congressman to Republicanism, has his key endorsement of the $ 1.9 trillion Social Expenditures Bill sponsored by United States President Joe Biden ( 1.6 trillion euros) withdrew to accept a fatal blow against the aspirations of the proposal pending approval in the Senate.

Senator Joe Manchin withdraws fundamental approval of White House social spending reform
Senator Joe Manchin withdraws fundamental approval of White House social spending reform

“I can’t vote to continue this aspect of the legislation. I just can’t. I can’t accept it,” he told the conservative broadcaster Fox News on Sunday. “So I have to say ‘no’ to this legislation. I’ve tried everything I can and everything I can,” he said.

Manchin’s vote is crucial to the likelihood of the bill being passed, as the Senate is 50:50 split and the Democrats are unlikely to get Republicans to endorse the bill.

Following these statements by Manchin, the White House saw the Senator’s “sudden and inexplicable reversal” and “breach of its obligations to the President, his colleagues in the House of Representatives and the Senate,” in the words of President Spokeswoman Jen Psaki. highlighted.

“Manchin’s words are inconsistent with conversations this week with the president, White House staff, or his own public statements,” Psaki said in an official statement.

Psaki has highlighted that Manchin has committed with President Joe Biden to support the general framework of the Build Back Better Act and to negotiate its contents “in good faith”. He came on Tuesday to personally present a new version of the text at the White House.

“While important priorities have been lost, we believe this could lead to a compromise acceptable to all. Senator Manchin has promised to continue negotiating and working together, ”said Psaki, who disproved Manchin’s arguments about an increase in the public deficit or inflation.

“Manchin will have to explain to families who could pay $ 35 a month for insulin why they must continue to pay $ 1,000. He will have to explain to nearly two million working women why they will not have an affordable kindergarten. Explain to the millions of children who are under Thanks to the child tax credit, among other things, they were able to get out of poverty, why they want to end this program ”, accused Psaki.


The prospect of passing the bill was dampened this week when the Senate suspended the session without addressing the bill, despite Senate Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer setting Christmas as the deadline for his approval.

Some have pushed for a ten-year extension of the child tax deduction price, which would have made up the bulk of the package’s expense.

Last month, the House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress, approved the Build Back Better Act by 220 votes against 213, without the approval of a representative from the Republican opposition. The legislation aims to expand the social safety net and allocate hundreds of billions to the fight against climate change.

The project is detached from another extraordinary infrastructure aid package that was approved in early November and also includes measures to expand access to health care, to facilitate home ownership and to expand home care for the elderly.

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