SENA receives projects related to blockchain technology, IoT and artificial intelligence

Colombia was a country that increasingly included the use of blockchain technology and technology in general. The country of New Granada relies on innovation to improve the production processes and thereby promote investments in the country.

These are the cornerstones of a proposal that is part of this country’s national development plan to be implemented from 2018 to 2022.

In this context, investments have not stopped reaching Colombia. New investments are announced daily by small, medium and large investors in this country.

SENA receives projects related to blockchain technology, IoT and artificial intelligence
SENA receives projects related to blockchain technology, IoT and artificial intelligence

The numbers are increasing day by day ands The country in Latin America with the most Bitcoins ATMs installed, and Mexico and Argentina are the countries with the most cryptocurrency users in the worldThe agricultural business will remain here, among many other cases where Colombia is no longer a close-knit country, a benchmark country in the cryptocurrency world.

This time, another news is announced as part of the economic and technological boom. SENA (National Apprenticeship Service) in collaboration with Colombia Productiva, managed by FIDUCOLDEX (Fiduciaria Colombiana de Comercio Exterior S.A.), who have joined together and called publicly and openly to draw companies’ attention to innovations and to make efficient and feasible proposals.

The program will run from 21 July and the call has started until 11 September this year, for which the applicant’s projects have already been received.

This program, which is being carried out, is intended to support, accompany and lead the participants within the meaning of the program: Internet of Things; Logistics 4.0; Big data and data analysis; Blockchain; Artificial intelligence; Manufacturing; Virtual reality and augmented reality; as well as robot automation.

The program has various requirements, including that the projects selected at the end must be completed in the 12 months after the date of approval of the project by SENA and Colombia Productiva.

A budget of up to 24,000 million pesos is available to fund up to 50% of the total number of beneficiary projects.

Since only 50% of the project is co-financed, companies, consortia or interested parties must offer at least a guarantee of participation that they can cover the other 50% of the project and must have been constituted as a legal person for at least 2 years before the Chamber of Commerce in their jurisdiction .

Participants can present two types of projects: those related to innovation, sophistication and / or development of products or services, and the second type of project concerns innovation, process competence.

In the first type of project, it is expected that the results of this call will also allow new products or services to be created the automation of existing ones, for this they must incorporate the knowledge into basic production axes, improve the development of environmentally friendly products, replace products or imports and improve the administrative process, production or marketing of goods or services of the company.

The second type of project is hoped that the results can provide insight into how a Reduction of costs, consumption of raw materials and energy as well as reduction of labor costs and product design among othersthat will make it possible to improve existing technologies or, if this is not the case, the inclusion of technology types based on the Industry 4.0 revolution. that the neogranadino country announces so much.

These types of initiatives are not new to the technological world, but they continue to join the effort and encourage more and more companies to innovate, adopt innovative behaviors, and translate them into their own reality. to efficiently promote technological use in production processes and to make companies more competitive.

Unicef ​​has also promoted proposals of this kind to fund and promote fintech companies in Latin America that are able to demonstrate their creativity and functionality in projects based on blockchain technology or 4.0 technologies.

The truth is that if you have a company in Colombia that meets the SENA requirements, this is a great opportunity to meet with another handful of technology enthusiasts and work together to find possible solutions to problems that span the entire production chain . and manufacturing.

This series of government and private initiatives, as well as others sponsored by international organizations such as the Unicef ​​case, have been important to the crypto world as it enables blockchain technology and other types of technology to be incorporated into industrial life in this way have daily. It is difficult today to leave out the myriad of companies around the world that have already used blockchain as the basis for their processes.

IoT and big data play a predominant role in the implementation of this type of technology. Often the use of distributed data technology goes hand in hand with big data and IoT, which makes it easy to conclude that types of technologies are more united that when they were conceived; For this reason, they have jointly promoted that blockchain is a cutting-edge technology on the market to which most fintech companies directly or indirectly relate to the use of blockchain.

Colombia has grown exponentially with the use of blockchain technology. It is no longer just about the high volume of bitcoin-derived crypto exchange, but also about the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies in companies, SMEs and companies. Government of the Neogranadino country.

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