Sell ​​more this Christmas! 5 ways to add customers and tickets

December is a deceptive month for entrepreneurs. While it is full of possibilities, the truth is that Christmas fever does not benefit everyone equally. This is what you need to know to complete this month’s challenges as a winner.

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Sell ​​more this Christmas! 5 ways to add customers and tickets
Sell ​​more this Christmas! 5 ways to add customers and tickets

We are all looking forward to the magical Christmas season with friends and family. In search of the perfect gifts for loved ones, we visit shopping malls decorated with poinsettias, lights and Christmas trees while Michael Bublé or Frank Sinatra play in the background. In fact, Mexicans spend 28% of the time bonus with Christmas shopping.

And it’s an opportunity for any business to sell even more, but it depends on the product or service you’re offering and a good marketing strategy so that you don’t freeze when Santa Claus arrives. The personal wellness industry, home to gyms such as nutrition centers and gyms, has been hit hard by the falling demand (with the exception of spas and beauty salons). People prefer to spend their Christmas bonus on repairs to their homes, restaurants, clothes, shows, trips, gifts, and New Years Eve parties.

The advantage is that in January part of the population repents and repents the sins of December boom of the world fitness. However, if you find yourself in a situation where your company’s cash flow is not that good, December could mean the end of your business. So I’m sharing 5 strategies you can use to increase sales.

1. Sell gift cards

Often times, many people do not know what to give in these times, especially to family members or friends whose tastes we do not know. For this reason, creating a gift card with pre-installed credit is an excellent option that can be exchanged for whatever services, packages, or products the gifted person desires. Make your customer your sales team. One of the strategies I have suggested is to offer your customer a 10% to 15% discount on each gift card purchased. That way, you’ll get a new client and keep the ones you already have happy.

2. Get prepaid

Setting a special price on prepayments is a great option to have a mattress that you can use during times of low sales. If your business model is subscription, you can set different types of pricing. For example, if your monthly price is one thousand pesos, you can give your customer a 20% discount by paying all year round. Instead of spending 12,000 pesos a year, they would be spending 9,600 pesos. Accompany this proposal with a Christmas bow and give it the month of December if it dares to pay the full 2020 annual pension.

3. Increase your value proposition

We all want to get more than we pay for. Because of this, you need to make your value proposition more attractive, and one way to do that is through it Cross-selling, It’s about offering your customer an additional product at the time of purchase (at the cost of which you bought it). In this case, your company won’t lose and your customer will be much happier.

4. Discount vouchers for the next purchase

Who doesn’t like discounts? Department stores are adept at using this strategy. When you pay at the checkout, you will receive a voucher (physical or digital) with a discount for your next purchase. The trick is to define a period of time (called a time bomb) for its validity to generate post-Christmas sales (where demand has declined).

5. Offer your products to new customers for free

If your customer acquisition costs are lower than the average ticket for the first purchase, you can take full advantage of this strategy. There is always a certain amount of suspicion on the part of the consumer and more if they are not familiar with your product or service. For this reason, there are trial versions at a cheaper price or to apply the business model called Freemiumwhere a trial service is made available (free for a certain period of time) and then the full version of it is billed. With this strategy you can generate more positive reviews on your social networks, more prospects and consequently an increase in the number of customers.

These strategies aren’t limited to the last month of the year. Use them to increase your income. The most important thing is that you have a dashboard of indicators where you can track the performance of each indicator so you can determine the most appropriate strategy for your business.

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