Self Knowledge And My Journey Into The Crypto Space.

As I learn and take in information, I write. It helps me process and remember what I’m learning. I can come back to it later as I continue this method. It helps me reflect on what I have been thinking and speculating on. As to evaluate where what I’m thinking may be wrong or right.

Blockchain, more potential to bring the world’s populations out of poverty then we have ever seen.

Disrupt traditional capitalism that has been stittng upon us and keeping many down. Cryptocurrency a new form of capitalism. Not really. Its a store of value completely distributed. With many different technologies behind each coin that can benifit humanity. And every different coin has a unique purpose. Like Cure coin. Sure you can guess how that one can help people.

Self Knowledge And My Journey Into The Crypto Space.
Self Knowledge And My Journey Into The Crypto Space.

Imagine self driving cars. Owned by nobody, It owns itself. That takes payments in a cryptocurrency and can go get it’s own oil etc. Nobody can capitalize on it. It isn’t greedy with a need to capitalize, but just sustain harmony for its directive and AI. Sounds Si fi, but, Blockchain and the future of technology can make it a reality. Decentralization, no middle men, no insane fees. Claim your sovereignty, be your own bank.

Cryptocurrencies are available to anyone around the world and are outside the government and banking systems. Many places in the world where there are no banks, devalued currencies, collapsing currencies. These places are already into digital currencies that have a universal store of value despite borders, rule and government. Any feed back welcome ?

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