Secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley startup ‘

If you like crime novels, this bestseller, which tells the true story of the rise and fall of Theranos and its CEO Elizabeth Holmes, is the best gift you can give yourself at the end of the year.

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Secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley startup ‘
Secrets and lies in a Silicon Valley startup ‘

Do you like thrillers or detective stories? So the book “Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup” It tells a story based on a very recent case. It is a reading that cannot be dropped.

In this book the investigative journalist The Wall Street Journal John Carreyrou tells what the dizzying birth and shocking breakdown of billionaire startup Theranos was like.

Carreyrou, two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning French-American journalist, discovered the $ 9 billion valuation fraud. Elizabeth Holmes with your company. The author also speaks to us, unmasking the lies that Holmes and his company’s CEO (and secret friend) Ramesh Balwani They said they wanted to raise funds by saying that they had developed a device that could do more than 50 blood tests at home with a single drop, much cheaper than the competition.

With more than 150 interviews (including conversations with more than 60 former Theranos employees), Carreyrou tells how a girl under 30 managed to deceive the most powerful investors Silicon Valley.

What we liked about the book

Bad Blood is extremely detailed with Therano’s case, but reads like a suspense thriller. Based on this text, a film with Jennifer Lawrence as Elizabeth Holmes is already being produced. It’s a book that gives profound lessons about the toxic culture of Silicon Valley, but you can’t stop reading for its composition as a thriller

What we didn’t like about the book

The story falls short because it only reveals the case of Theranos and does not describe the ramifications faced by those involved in the courts of the United States.

What will you learn from this book (without spoiler)

1.Fake it until you do it, it doesn’t work: Pretending that you know something without really feeding works to a certain extent. After all, you have to show what you are made of.
2. Culture makes a difference. The staff were treated so badly by Holmes and Balwani that they did not hesitate to speak to the media once the scandal was exposed.
3. EXAMINE (well capitalized) before investing. Theranos achieved rampant growth because no one, including billionaire investors, bothered to verify that his claims were correct.
4. Imitation of an idol doesn’t always work. Holmes was obsessed with Steve Jobs. He hired former employees of the apple company, referred to his device as an “iPod for health care” and even dressed like jobs and wore a black turtleneck. But his company was not technology, it was health.

Bad blood It is a great book that shows you what Silicon Valley culture is like and why it is important to have good moral principles when doing something. At the moment there is only the English edition, but it is a must for every successful man and woman. You can find it at Amazon and Gandhi Bookstores.

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