‘Secret Codes’ for learning a new language by watching Netflix

Believe it or not, users from different countries around the world (and yes, including Mexicans) are using the streaming platform to expand their vocabulary in different languages.

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‘Secret Codes’ for learning a new language by watching Netflix
‘Secret Codes’ for learning a new language by watching Netflix

We are already in the third week of the year and usually the motivation to achieve our goals wanes. The rhythm of work life (even when we work at home), school and other upcoming tasks make us set our goals aside.

However, there is a way to learn multiple languages From the comfort of your sofa: Watch Netflix.

While it may seem like a joke, according to a survey by the platform in South Korea, India, Mexico and Turkey, the streaming platform has become a very good tool for practicing a new language.

Fullmetal Alchemist is available on Netflix in Japanese / Picture: Netflix

How to learn languages ​​on Netflix

The largest content-on-demand platform offers shows and films from around the world with subtitles in 37 languages ​​and dubbing in more than 34. That means you can do marathons in German, Italian or Korean.

Here Netflix offers us a guide and some tips for learning languages ​​with his films and series:

  1. Start with content you already know and watch it again in the language you want to practice. To see if your favorite series or movies have audio in that language, visit and select the appropriate profile.
  2. Do you still see this title? And it is. Ha. Oui. Evet tak. Create another profile and set this new language as the default for that profile so you can enjoy the learning experience as soon as you log in.
  3. As the ear gets used to Let the subtitles guide you. Change the text, size, and color of the subtitles to make them easier to see, read, and learn. You can also do this on a child profile if you want the little ones to take part in the study.
  4. You can take it to another level if you specify the country. Type the name of a country in the search bar to pick up that place’s specific accent and get used to the vernacular.
  5. Activate the audio descriptions. Most of the silent parts of the movie or series contain authentic audio that helps you understand exactly how native speakers describe some nonverbal acts or features (like facial expressions, movements, body language, clothing, appearance, physics, etc.)

The Revolution is available on Netflix in French / Picture: Netflix

“Secret codes” for watching series and films by language

Find out what content to choose based on the language you want to learn, as well as some “secret codes” that can be added in your browser (to the link in order to to access a selection of films and series by language:

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