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Scientists are investigating whether dogs can detect coronaviruses

April 30, 2020

Are you supercan Scientists believe that canines can identify odors related to Covid-19.

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Scientists are investigating whether dogs can detect coronavirusesScientists are investigating whether dogs can detect coronaviruses

Are you supercan Scientist of the University of Pennsylvania investigate whether Labrador Retrievers can be trained to detect odors related to that Covid-19.

To The Washington PostLabradors are the ideal breed for their powerful nose. The researchers hope that these animals can be used as vigilantes to track down potentially infected people in hospitals, airports, and other public places.

This eight labrador canine project is led by Cynthia M. Otto, director of the Working Dog Center at Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine.

The researcher noted that these dogs can see subtle differences in patient samples. He also explained that it is still unclear whether it is the smell of the virus, how humans respond to it, or a combination of these two. However, the canines learn that the samples contain something else.

The biggest challenge for scientists will be training dogs to identify the virus when a person is inside.

However, this isn’t the only study done to find out if dogs can identify the coronavirus. Dr. Claire Guest, managing director and co-founder of British Charity Medical dog tagshe explained The daily mirror that it is possible that dogs can be trained to recognize this virus like other diseases.

The guest added that the dogs could detect up to 750 potentially infected people relatively quickly, which would help stop the spread. For this reason, Medical Detection Dogs said in March that it was partnering with the Durham University and the School of hygiene and tropical medicine from London in a medical study.

In this study, six dogs were examined who sniffed the mouth masks of Covid-19 patients to determine if the virus had a particular smell.

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