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Say goodbye to farewell, only passengers can enter airports

May 22, 2020

Access is expected only for workers and passengers, with the exception of people with disabilities and minors who are allowed to enter with a companion.

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Say goodbye to farewell, only passengers can enter airports
Say goodbye to farewell, only passengers can enter airports

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We are already at the door of a “new normal” and for this reason the International Air Transport Association (IATA), He presented a number of proposals regarding the Covid 19 pandemic to ensure the health of people who choose to travel.

At the departure airport

IATA expects this at the departure airport Access to the terminal building is restricted to workers and passengers only With the exception of accompanying persons with disabilities or minors, temperature controls are carried out when accessing the facilities.

Removal must be guaranteed in all processes of a flight, including queues, and it is mandatory to use masks for both passengers and workers.

The “Self service” for billing as much as possible to avoid contact points. The shipment must be as efficient as possible. with a redesign that reduces traffic jams and limits hand luggage.

During the flight

During the flight Masks are also mandatoryIn addition to reducing the service on board to reduce the interaction between passengers and crew.

To minimize contact between passengers, Queues for toilets are prohibited. In addition, the cabins must be thoroughly disinfected.

Upon arrival airports

Arriving at the arrival airport, the IATA suggests a new temperature control if the authorities request itand automated processes for customs and border controls using mobile applications or biometric technologies.

IATA stresses that these measures should be temporary, periodically reviewed and replaced when more efficient options are identified, and removed when they become unnecessary.

The organization maintains the “hope” tests believe to determine whether the passenger is infected at the start of the travel process a “sterile and soothing” travel environment for travelers and governments.

IATA believes it is essential that security measures be agreed at a global level and transfers this road map to all governments. in support of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Working Group on Aviation Restoration to Covid 19 (CART).