Save your brand the way of Robert Downey, Jr.

Today he is hailed as Iron Man, but in the 90s the actor was released from a television series and was in jail.

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the fans’ favorite actors, thanks in part to the visibility the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has given him. This is not surprising, save for one incredible fact: 20 years ago, Downey’s name was worthless in Hollywood.

Save your brand the way of Robert Downey, Jr.
Save your brand the way of Robert Downey, Jr.

This actor in 2001 seemed finished. He had been released from the TV series “Ally McBeal” because of his drug addiction, he had been in prison several times and no one wanted to hire him because he was too dangerous for productions.

So it’s impressive that he not only revived his career, but is now bigger than ever. Reinventing the “Robert Downey, Jr.” It’s very interesting.

Here are some tips on how he’s done it and how you can apply it in your business and professional life:

Accept mistakes. Downey never denied that he had a bad problem. When a brand makes a mistake – something that is very common in the social media world – it needs to tell people that it is taking responsibility for the failure and that a solution is already being worked on. It may be difficult and tough on the ego at first, but in the long run it is less harmful than blaming others or denying the past.

“For me there is only one possible action: whether you like it or not, you have to take responsibility for your actions,” says the actor.

Continue working. Claiming your company name can take a lot of work and time. Remember, it took the actor seven years to go from the foot of the cliff to stardom. Back then he had to work hard on small projects to prove his professional skills again.

Lean on your colleagues. Mel Gibson, also an actor, offered to pay the insurers the necessary amount for the producers to dare hire Downey. Thanks to this, he was able to star in The Singing Detective, the first in a series of films that rebuilt his career. If you have problems, don’t be afraid to ask a professional or your contacts for help. Maybe one of them has the key to getting ahead.

In addition, you never know what new opportunities your contacts can offer you. Years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was released, friend Kevin Feige commented to the actor that there was an Iron Man film planned in the future, to which Downey jokingly replied, “Well, maybe they’ll consider me for a role or something”. Feige, now one of Marvel’s top executives, remembered the actor and in 2008, Downey was a mega-star again thanks to Tony Stark.

Do what it takes to make up for your mistakes. Since his career has improved, Downey has continued to participate in philanthropic work, such as providing special prostheses for children in need. He’s also one of the most approachable and friendly actors in the business. These measures are necessary as a public relations measure so that people will remember good things more than past mistakes.

“The lesson is that you can make mistakes and still be forgiven.” This quote from Downey shows how far he has gone and how hard he had to work to rebuild his life. The lesson we can learn from this is simple: mistakes happen, and the best you can do is fix the problem and move on.

Reinvent yourself. In the 1990s, Robert Downey Jr. was a caricature of Hollywood excesses. Today is Iron Man. “After the very successful opening weekend of the film, I woke up to find that my life had become a complete somersault from Friday to Monday,” the actor once said. After that, Downey did the best he could to research the blockbuster business so that he could plan ahead and “avoid being wrong again”.

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