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Saudi Arabia invites UN experts to investigate the attack on its refineries

September 16, 2019


Saudi Arabia has invited international and UN experts to participate in the investigation of the attack on the oil facilities that last Saturday caused the paralysis of half of the country's daily production.

A statement from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains that the authorities “will invite international experts, including from the United Nations,” reports Saudi television network Al Arabiya.

The text condemns the attacks, invites the rest of the international community to do the same and underlines that Saudi Arabia is ready to respond with “forcefulness” to them.

“Saudi Arabia condemns this serious attack that threatens international peace and security and denounces that its main objective is the global energy supply. It is an extension of previous hostile acts against Aramco pumping stations through the use of Iranian weapons.” , highlights the statement.

In addition, Riyadh expresses its gratitude to the regional and international actors who have condemned the attack and has urged the international community to “lean on the shoulder and assume its responsibility by condemning those responsible.”